The Do-Not-Post (DNP) List

We are still migrating to the new DNP list
This list may not be complete yet. At the present time, the old list, located here should still be considered the primary "Do-Not-Post" list for the time being.



This is a list of artists who have asked us to place a restriction on the uploading of their artwork. These restructions can include anything from requesting that no edits of their work be allowed, to requesting that no uploads be allowed unless uploaded by the artists themselve.

We ask that you please respect the wishes of artists in regards to their artworks, and check the list before uploading. Note that just because an artist is not listed may not mean that their artwork is ok to post, especially if they have a note at their "source" that they do not wish for their artwork to be reposted.

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The List

The DNP List
artist:0ron0 (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:20thx5150 (83)No Edits-More Info
artist:20thx5150 (83)With Permission Only-More Info
artist:2bronys (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:67fats (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:8angarang (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:absolutecactus (36)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:acted-red (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:addie1k (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:aer0 zer0 (509)Artist Upload OnlyI would like to upload any new art myself, although edits are welcomeMore Info
artist:aesthetics2spare (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:age3rcm (199)Certain Type/Location OnlyNo Work in Progress images to be posted.More Info
artist:aire-draws (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:ajue (15)No Edits-More Info
artist:akuneanekokuro (13)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:amazin-a (325)No Edits-More Info
artist:andridash (18)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:anearbyanimal (506)OtherAnyone may post sketches, but only the artist may post complete/finished imagesMore Info
artist:angelbeat-drift (13)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:anibaruthecat (744)OtherDo not post anything from Patreon page, once is available on my inkbunny, or tumblr feel free to post anywhere.More Info
artist:animechristy (121)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:antarcticrainbow (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:arandomvisitor (0)Artist Upload OnlyArtist upload only.More Info
artist:arby-works (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:arcticwaters (1)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:arkan0id (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:arnachy (973)No EditsEdits not allowed without permission.More Info
artist:artemis-polara (484)No Edits-More Info
artist:arterialblack716 (20)No EditsNo unauthorized edits.More Info
artist:artfulfoxcustoms (6)With Permission OnlyCommissioners are allowed to post once the item is in posessionMore Info
artist:artistorphy (0)With Permission Only-More Info
artist:astridofastora (161)OtherUploaded art must contain a watermark (either my artist watermark, or a patreon watermark). More Info
artist:atlas-fangs (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:atrolux (69)Artist Upload OnlyAll my pony art, past and future
Commissioned images may stay.
More Info
artist:attacktherain (13)No Edits-More Info
artist:aurelleah (81)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:azure-quill (81)Uploader Credit Change-More Info
artist:backlash91 (280)No EditsEdits are only allowed if you have prior permission.More Info
artist:bakertoons (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:bananimationofficial (34)Certain Type/Location OnlyOnly watermarked/signed images may be uploaded.More Info
artist:banbanji (196)OtherImages are “Artist Upload Only” for 24 hours after they are posted on Tumblr.
Some users may be barred from uploading – if you’ve not been contacted about this, it’s not you.
More Info
artist:bbmbbf (170)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:bckiwi (65)With Permission Only-More Info
artist:belaboy (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:berrypunchrules (409)Certain Type/Location OnlyIf my artwork includes OCs, I do not want it posted here.More Info
artist:binkyt11 (855)No Edits•No unauthorized edits
•No NSFW Edits
•No Drama Edits
The only exception is if the source/image description states if it can be used without permission
More Info
artist:blackkaries (64)No EditsNo edits are allowed without my permission.More Info
artist:blah-blah-turner (115)Artist Upload OnlyCommissioners may upload the works they commissioned.More Info
artist:blankpapermind (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:blitzpony (9)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:bluebender (209)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:bluebender (209)With Permission OnlyCommissioners may upload their commissions, but only after receiving explicit permission first.More Info
artist:blueberry-mlp (31)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:bluebirdsolstice (20)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:bluebrush09 (40)With Permission Only-More Info
artist:bluntwhiskey (554)Certain Type/Location OnlyNo dakimakuras or My Little Slave comic pagesMore Info
artist:bobthedalek (726)No Edits-More Info
artist:bright lite (0)OtherPlease remove all of my artwork and deactivate my account.More Info
artist:bronywolf33 (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:brownieclop (524)Artist Upload OnlyEdits are allowed.More Info
artist:bsalg93 (290)Artist Upload OnlyAny artwork created by the artist in the year 2014 or farther back.More Info
artist:buddermeow (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:bumblebun (87)Certain Type/Location OnlyMy art may be uploaded here if the source is from Deviant Art, Fur Affinity, Twitter, or Tumblr.More Info
artist:bunncoa (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:bunnycat (209)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:bunnykisses (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:burgerkiss (478)With Permission Only-More Info
artist:burstfire (276)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:bwaebutt (390)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:calveen (40)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:cbear624 (604)No EditsI’ll only allow people to edit my artwork if I’m asked permission beforehand. If I wasn’t asked for permission prior, then the edited art in question will be removedMore Info
artist:ced75 (91)No Edits-More Info
artist:chad thundercuck (11)No Edits-More Info
artist:chametzkiwi (39)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:char-char-chan (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:charliexe (159)No EditsNo edits without permission.More Info
artist:cherry pop (17)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:chibifox12 (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:chuyryu (60)No Edits-More Info
artist:ciderpunk (424)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:cobaltsnow (422)No Edits-More Info
artist:cold-blooded-twilight (1772)OtherUpload permission exclusion for certain users.More Info
artist:colorfulhoovednights (26)Artist Upload OnlyArtist Only Uploads with one exception.
Edits for the sake of differences in nsfw preferences is fine. However, Oc edits are not permitted.
More Info
artist:connisaur (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:conrad-hauser (35)With Permission Only-More Info
artist:conrie (276)With Permission OnlyI want to be the only person to upload my artwork, commissioners/oc owners are okay tooMore Info
artist:cornerverse (109)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:cottonponysfm (75)No EditsUsers that are allowed to post without my permission: VantusmanMore Info
artist:cottonponysfm (75)With Permission OnlyUsers that are allowed to post without my permission: VantusmanMore Info
artist:crystalfilth (71)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:curiouskeys (134)With Permission OnlyUpload by artist or with direct permission onlyMore Info
artist:curse-of-the-dryad (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:cuteosphere (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:cyberhorse10 (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:cystalfilth (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:cythnsfw (40)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:daf (398)With Permission OnlyCommissioners and people with permission to upload images may do so. Also if the image has been online for more than 2 days you may upload it.More Info
artist:dambitail (67)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:daniel the timelord (0)Certain Type/Location OnlySketches free to upload; full/finished works are artist-onlyMore Info
artist:dantewontdie (7)No EditsNo explicit editsMore Info
artist:darkest-lunar-flower (291)Artist Upload OnlyEdits can be made only with my permission. Posting my original work is not allowed.More Info
artist:dark-walkerr (55)With Permission Only-More Info
artist:daxhie (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:decodrew (0)Artist Upload OnlyI don’t want any my details was visible here.More Info
artist:demonfox (76)No Edits-More Info
artist:demonfox (76)Certain Type/Location OnlyNo WiP imagesMore Info
artist:denial-is-tragic (42)Certain Type/Location OnlyNo images with name in signatureMore Info
artist:denial-is-tragic (42)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:designjh (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:devinesfm (49)Artist Upload OnlyAny artist who I collaborate with in an art pack or collaboration are only allowed to upload my content.More Info
artist:dewdropinn (55)With Permission Only-More Info
artist:diamond-chiva (66)With Permission Only-More Info
artist:dilekrow (4)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:divided-s (263)Certain Type/Location Only-More Info
artist:divided-s (263)Certain Type/Location OnlyDo not upload images from TwitterMore Info
artist:djdavid98 (178)Artist Upload OnlyYou are allowed to create edits of my work & use my vectors in other images if credit is given; use the "artist:djdavid98 edits" tag when uploading.More Info
artist:dm29 (1603)Certain Type/Location OnlyDo not upload images from TwitterMore Info
artist:dnftt2014 (1)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:dogihotdogi (256)No Edits-More Info
artist:dozer (114)Certain Type/Location OnlyNo WIP imagesMore Info
artist:draltruist (175)Certain Type/Location OnlyArt may be uploaded from the following sources: DeviantArt, Twitter, Hentai-foundry, FurAffinity, Pixiv. No edits without permission. Post description have to contain the same text as from the source with all relevant links attached.More Info
artist:druggyderp (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:d-sixzey (74)Certain Type/Location OnlyNo Patreon-exclusive contentMore Info
artist:duh-veed (62)Certain Type/Location OnlyNo explicit/questionable imagesMore Info
artist:dunefilly (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:ectokitty (0)Artist Upload OnlyOnly I am allowed to upload my art here. I do not want to see my art here that I didn’t put.More Info
artist:egophiliac (2088)No EditsNo editing images into OCsMore Info
artist:egophiliac (2088)Certain Type/Location OnlyNo "Them’s Fightin’ Herds" contentMore Info
artist:ejlightning007arts (228)No EditsOthers

More Info
artist:elermita800 (7)OtherArtist upload only, but edits from works uploaded to Derpi are allowed (not from works not uploaded here, though).More Info
artist:elkaola (139)OtherPatreon Exclusives may not be uploaded to Derpibooru.More Info
artist:elskafox (312)With Permission OnlyNo edits of any kind. The only people that are allowed to upload my art is Furrypony/Kopaleo, or myself.More Info
artist:elu (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:emeraldblast63 (1)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:enma-darei (304)Certain Type/Location OnlyNo Them’s Fightin’ Herds images.More Info
artist:erroremma (30)Artist Upload OnlyOnly I can post my art, unless it’s an art trade or commission from someoneMore Info
artist:evan555alpha (171)With Permission OnlyDoes not apply to edits.More Info
artist:evan555alpha (171)Artist Upload OnlyDoes not apply to edits.More Info
artist:eve-of-halloween (14)Artist Upload OnlyAny art belonging to me or my Tumblr blogs AskMotherlyLuna/DarkestHalloween/Eve-Of-Halloween. Shouldn’t be posted unless I do so.More Info
artist:evomanaphy (680)No EditsThe artist periodically makes variants of their work that they tag as "Edit" – this is not the normal use of this tag on the site, so if something is tagged "Edit" verify that the artist made it themselves (ex: it is on their Tumblr).More Info
artist:fallenzephyr (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:fatalqueef (83)Artist Upload OnlyI don’t want anyone, other than me, to upload my art. More Info
artist:feellikeaplat (71)Artist Upload OnlyCommissioners may upload work they commissioned.More Info
artist:feilamina (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:fillerartist (286)Artist Upload OnlyNo art may be uploaded by anyone other than the artist themselves after 29 August, 2017. Art uploaded prior to that date is ok to leave.More Info
artist:firimil (147)No Edits•No unauthorized OC, NSFW, or Drama Edits.More Info
artist:fizzledlines (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:flight-of-the-moon (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:floofurr (6)With Permission OnlyArtwork of Canon characters may be uploaded without permission needed.More Info
artist:floots (136)Artist Upload OnlyNo Edits Allowed. Allowed Uploaders: Citrov, TheLongman, Mellowhen, 2gud, Snipehamster, Popcorn Chicken, Calorie BombMore Info
artist:fluffomaru (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:foreverroseify (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:fotasy (47)No Edits-More Info
artist:frist44 (1013)OtherImages are "Artist Upload Only" for 24 hours after they were initially posted on Tumblr. Afterwards, anyone may post them, but please include the image’s description/comments. More Info
artist:frostyb (517)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:furrgroup (590)No EditsNo fetish edits / No edits insulting other peopleMore Info
artist:fuzztore (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:fuzzybrushy (85)With Permission Only-More Info
artist:gasmaskfox (185)Certain Type/Location Only-More Info
artist:gayrasmus (2)With Permission Only-More Info
artist:geodesicdragon (29)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:geoffrey-mcdermott (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:ghostwaffleheimer (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:gingerbreadbiscuit (3)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:ginkadia (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:grapefruitface1 (408)OtherEdits and personal constructions of Paper Ponies are welcomed, but the artist would like to upload their own original works.More Info
artist:graphene (262)No Edits-More Info
artist:graphenescloset (552)No Edits-More Info
artist:greyzeek (3)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:grzes4000 (135)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:gyaheung (98)Certain Type/Location OnlyNo Twitter uploadsMore Info
artist:halabaluu (28)No Edits-More Info
artist:haleyc4629 (129)No EditsDo not edit any of my art without permission. If you want to edit any of them, ask me by private messaging me and tell me what you’re gonna do with them.More Info
artist:half-pint-hero (12)No EditsCosplay photos forbiddenMore Info
artist:haltie (125)Certain Type/Location OnlyPost only public stuff that’s been publically released on my Tumblr. No exclusive content from my Patreon, please!More Info
artist:handsockz (2)Artist Upload OnlyI don’t want anyone to be able to post my art.More Info
artist:harmoniousrain (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:hiccupsdoesart (495)OtherPlease only upload my art if you got my express permission!

Commissioners however are somewhat exempted from this, as they may always upload their own commissioned pieces whenever they wish to do so!
More Info
artist:hioshiru (817)OtherNo YCH advertisements or sketches.More Info
artist:hioshiru (817)No EditsNo edits/redraws without permission.More Info
artist:hoodieftad (21)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:horsecanada9 (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:horsecat (465)No Edits-More Info
artist:hotaruthodt (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:icecapers (0)Other-More Info
artist:ice-star-pony (14)Artist Upload Only-No NSFW edits
-Artist-Upload Only
-All other edits w/ permission only
-No images that are signed with my actual name or initials, if any are found
-No fetish edits
-No insult edits
-No drama edits
-No bases/tracing
More Info
artist:icesticker (108)No Edits-More Info
artist:icey-wicey-1517 (529)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:ichrillu (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:indigosfmworks (569)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:inlucidreverie (561)No Edits-More Info
artist:irateliterate (185)Otheronly is allowed to upload artMore Info
artist:ironm17 (386)No Edits-More Info
artist:jacky-bunny (204)No Edits-More Info
artist:jartugger (0)Artist Upload OnlyI would like absolutely no re-uploads of my work at all.More Info
artist:jasminerobotnik (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:jasper77wang (42)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:jbond (755)Artist Upload OnlyUpload of translations is allowedMore Info
artist:jbvonherb (0)With Permission OnlyExplicit permission from me.More Info
artist:jcosneverexisted (2004)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:jcosneverexisted (2004)No Edits-More Info
artist:jessie-park (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:jigglyjuggle (0)Artist Upload OnlyArtist Upload Only
No Edits
More Info
artist:jinyaranda (169)No Edits-More Info
artist:jolteongirl (37)Certain Type/Location OnlyNo "Ask Baby Scoots" tumblr postsMore Info
artist:jupiterthebigorange (14)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:justisanimation (130)With Permission Only-More Info
artist:kaita.ina (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:kaiuchiha15 (0)OtherI don’t want my art on this website anymoreMore Info
artist:karpet-shark (382)Certain Type/Location OnlyOnly "Twily Daily" images may be postedMore Info
artist:katanis (16)No Edits-More Info
artist:kayleea (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:k-b-21 (4)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:keeneon (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:kianamai (1020)Certain Type/Location OnlyNo humanized images after July 20, 2016More Info
artist:kigupony (85)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:killerkool99 (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:kinky tease (39)No EditsNo Unauthorized Edits.

Exceptions are if the original image descripton contains explicit permission to edit the image.
More Info
artist:kirionek (12)With Permission OnlyOnly commissioners may upload their images hereMore Info
artist:kittiewawa (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:kkmrarar (164)Certain Type/Location OnlyOnly upload art from Tumblr.More Info
artist:konigbouncer (278)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:krd (279)No Edits-More Info
artist:kristanni20x6 (7)No Edits-More Info
artist:kristanni20x6 (7)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:krysto-n-stuff (2)Certain Type/Location OnlyNo art to be posted from FA without express permission.More Info
artist:kul (116)No Edits-More Info
artist:kuren247 (411)OtherNo edits/recolors without artist permission – tracing of this artist’s work including ’using it as a base’ is forbidden.More Info
artist:kyuremgirl (1)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:ladybeemer (1)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:ladypixelheart (320)No Edits-More Info
artist:lannielona (120)Artist Upload OnlyArtist upload onlyMore Info
artist:laserbullet (0)Artist Tag Change-More Info
artist:lazybuttblr (34)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:legoguy9875 (317)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:lettelauren (41)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:liefsong (155)With Permission Only-More Info
artist:lifejoyart (138)With Permission Only-More Info
artist:lightning-bliss (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:lilith (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:lilrandum (40)With Permission Onlyonly this account; "LilRandum"
and the account "xXenocage"
More Info
artist:limedreaming (202)With Permission OnlyPlease do not upload any images by this artist without prior permission.More Info
artist:little jackie papercut (4)Artist Upload OnlyArt from the comic GM Scootaloo ( or that credits more than one artist can be uploaded by anyone.More Info
artist:littlenaughtypony (424)No EditsRequest permission to upload edited artworkMore Info
artist:littlesheep (142)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:little-tweenframes (933)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:lizzyheartdraws (1)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:lochlan o'neil (374)Certain Type/Location OnlyOnly cosplay photos may be postedMore Info
artist:loneless-art (142)OtherAnyone may post sketches, but only the artist may post complete/finished imagesMore Info
artist:lonetrekker (1)With Permission Only-More Info
artist:lopoddity (723)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:lordsuperstar (138)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:lovable-java (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:luckreza8 (592)No EditsNo edits without permission, and no edits under any circumstances that use this artist’s vectors that is trolling or in any way derogatory to others, or to MLP’s fandom or its characters.More Info
artist:lullabyprince (33)Certain Type/Location OnlyI’d like oc drawings to remain on my dA account only, fanart for the show (IE canon characters) are fine to repost, but not original characters.More Info
artist:luohanpone (8)No EditsI’d like to prohibit nsfw & fetish edits of my works, specifically.More Info
artist:lusomnia (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:lyoka (0)Artist Upload OnlyPrevent any of my art to be posted under artist: LyokaMore Info
artist:made-in-donuts (85)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:madhotaru (455)No Edits-More Info
artist:magicclan (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:magnifsunspiration (45)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:mane-shaker (262)Uploader Credit Change-More Info
artist:mane-shaker (262)With Permission Only-More Info
artist:mankiss5688 (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:marblestarry (10)Artist Upload OnlyOnly commissioners, YCH winners and gift owners may upload their owned works.More Info
artist:marcus todjel (47)With Permission OnlyEdits allowed. Recolors allowed.
Max245 always allowed to upload anything she want.
More Info
artist:marsminer (3708)Certain Type/Location OnlyNo images from their "gore" tumblrMore Info
artist:masterbrony (240)No Edits-More Info
artist:matimus91 (412)Certain Type/Location OnlyNo sketches/WIPsMore Info
artist:maximanxd (11)No Edits-More Info
artist:maximus (50)With Permission Only-More Info
artist:mcminetubemlp (0)Artist Upload OnlyOtherMore Info
artist:medli20 (1)No EditsNo "bases" and no unauthorized editsMore Info
artist:megaherts (96)No EditsNo OC editsMore Info
artist:meggchan (684)No EditsNo edits of my artwork are allowed without my permission. More Info
artist:melodiousmarci (66)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:melodyamity (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:mercurial64 (197)No Edits-More Info
artist:midlstrit (6)With Permission Only-More Info
artist:midnightfire1222 (64)Artist Upload OnlyI’ve only just started on this site but found out some of my artwork was uploaded without my knowledge. I waould like any art not submitted my me directly to be removed please.More Info
artist:mimicpony (24)OtherI no longer wish to be associated with the majority of the theme behind my artwork on the site. Specifically speaking, satyrs.More Info
artist:mimimonlon (34)No Edits-More Info
artist:mimisaurusrex (76)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:minamina (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:misspinkamena (28)Artist Upload OnlyOnly the artist may upload their art here. If you are a commissioner and would like to upload your commission here, please get written permission from the artist first, and after you upload the image report it with a reason of "Other" and include a link to the proof of permission.More Info
artist:mittsies (217)Certain Type/Location OnlyDon’t post alternate versions of pictures from art packs, and keep .gif captures of my flash animations to a tasteful few.More Info
artist:mlprocker123 (70)Artist Upload OnlyI don’t want any of my art uploaded on this site.More Info
artist:mlp-vectorclub (0)Artist Upload OnlyNOTE: Artists who use mlp-vectorclub backgrounds in their art in compliance with the mlp-vectorclub’s license (including tagging the artist:mlp-vectorclub) are excluded from this DNP.

The club’s staff reserves the right to upload their images if and when they deem it appropriate. Images found in the club’s gallery are usually not made by the group, so use the artists’ own tags instead in that case. Content we would not want uploaded by others includes images specifically made for our Discord server (e.g. the images shown when the /casual command is ran) and images found anywhere on our website. An exception to this is images in users’ personal color guides (and can normally be accessed using<DeviantArt username>/cg). Said users are usually the author of such images, so tag those with their artist tags instead of the club’s. Note that if you used our template generator to create a sprite on our website you must honor the CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 license (that you accept when downloading the generated image) by e.g. adding a link to the club or the website in the upload’s description.
More Info
artist:mockingjaybases (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:monkeyhobo (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:moonakart13 (160)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:moonaknight13 (208)With Permission Only-More Info
artist:moonatik (397)OtherArtist upload only, with the exception of edits.More Info
artist:moonatik (397)OtherNo foalcon edits.More Info
artist:moondevourer (0)Artist Upload OnlyI want to be the only one allowed to upload my work.More Info
artist:morguesque (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:morkemime (24)Artist Upload OnlyOnly the artist may upload their art here. If you are a commissioner and would like to upload your commission here, please get written permission from the artist first, and after you upload the image report it with a reason of "Other" and include a link to the proof of permission.More Info
artist:mrponiator (254)Certain Type/Location OnlyNo screencaps or gifs made out of videos present on that can not be sourced directly to MrPoniator.More Info
artist:mrponiator (254)No Edits-More Info
artist:mythicspeed (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:n0nnny (458)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:names76 (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:nastipone (72)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:natusoulsilver (10)With Permission OnlyOnly commissioners have permission to post my art (with the watermark vertion provided on my dA gallery)More Info
artist:nauth (476)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:navyivizer47 (26)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:ncmares (673)No EditsNo explicit editsMore Info
artist:necrofeline (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:negasun (344)No EditsNo unauthorized editsMore Info
artist:negasun (344)No Editsrevealdance19More Info
artist:neighday (478)No Edits-More Info
artist:nekojackun (219)With Permission OnlyOnly I and artist:twilite-sparkleplz can upload my artwork.More Info
artist:newyorkx3 (1048)Certain Type/Location Only-More Info
artist:nightrain54 (3)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:noben (277)With Permission Only-More Info
artist:nom-sympony (294)No Edits-More Info
artist:nootaz (1370)No Edits-More Info
artist:northernsprint (523)With Permission OnlyOwners of commissioned illustrations have implicit permission to post said illustrations.More Info
artist:not-genehack (16)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:nupiethehero (129)With Permission Only-More Info
artist:nupiethehero (129)No EditsNo edits without direct permission.More Info
artist:nxzc88 (317)No Edits-More Info
artist:obsidelle (8)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:ogaraorcynder (264)Certain Type/Location OnlyImages including my OC/sona Ogara are not allowed to be uploaded here.More Info
artist:ogaraorcynder (264)No Edits-More Info
artist:omi (201)Certain Type/Location OnlyOnly publicly posted, finished images allowed (no sketches, WIPs, etc)More Info
artist:oouichi (349)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:optica (8)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:oral coral (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:overcrave (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:oze (203)Certain Type/Location OnlyNo WIP images or images from TwitterMore Info
artist:paddercat (29)Artist Upload OnlyThis includes artwork posted in the gallery called paddercat on InkBunny, as well as the artwork that was posted in the now-deleted gallery called ThePonyPlaypen on InkBunny, the galleries of PadderCat and DirtyPadderCat on FurAffinity, and any images and artwork posted on my tumblr blog called paddycakepaddycake. The only exception is if a particular image was made by commission, in which case the commissioner alone may distribute their commissioned artworkMore Info
artist:pahyula (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:palomavietehesky (261)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:pandasayori (11)With Permission OnlyOnly those that have my permission can upload my artwork. Please contact me on any of my social media accounts for permission before uploading. If I already have an image posted here, do not reupload. Artwork may not be edited, altered, or used in any way without explicit permission.More Info
artist:pastelmistress (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:pedrohander (303)Artist Upload OnlyArtwork must be online for at least 1 hour before you are allowed to share them on Derpibooru.More Info
artist:penny-wren (51)Artist Upload OnlyI’d also like the uploader credit for already existing uploads of my art to be assigned to me.More Info
artist:php23 (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:php25 (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:php35 (18)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:php36 (96)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:php37 (131)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:php41 (197)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:php51 (5)Artist Upload OnlyThe artist is anonymous and only they may upload their art.More Info
artist:php56 (322)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:php58 (52)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:php67 (2)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:pia-sama (1242)No Edits-More Info
artist:pighead (7)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:pillonchou (79)With Permission OnlyYou will be asked for proof of permission if you upload this artist’s work.More Info
artist:pinch-of-salt (6)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:pinkprincessblossom (11)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:pitchpatch (38)Certain Type/Location OnlyNo uploads from Askblog:
[Commissions from there are OK]
More Info
artist:pizza-lords-den (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:pj-nsfw (251)Certain Type/Location OnlyHigh Res pics are artist-upload-only (greater than 2000x2000px)More Info
artist:pochiap (0)Certain Type/Location OnlyNo Explicit rated artwork.More Info
artist:poecillia-gracilis19 (100)Certain Type/Location OnlyRefrain from posting artworks that explicitly contain religious-related themes.More Info
artist:polyploidy (0)Certain Type/Location OnlyNo cosplay picturesMore Info
artist:ponebooth (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:ponkpank (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:ponydoodles (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:ponymadsaga (37)No Edits-More Info
artist:ponymadsaga (37)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:ponyponutsfm (2)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:privatequarters (0)OtherRemoval of art from site and artist name to be delinked from my profile.More Info
artist:pucksterv (254)No Edits-More Info
artist:punk-pegasus (282)No EditsNo edits without permissionMore Info
artist:punzil504 (344)No Edits-More Info
artist:pyr0cat (6)Certain Type/Location OnlyNo diaper imagesMore Info
artist:qtluna (7)With Permission OnlyUpload by artist or Shikogo onlyMore Info
artist:qtluna (7)No Edits-More Info
artist:quakehoof (331)With Permission OnlyI would like to make an exception for one Hunter117x.More Info
artist:quarantinedchaoz (197)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:quickhorn (2)Certain Type/Location OnlyNo fluffy pony artMore Info
artist:quoting_mungo (49)No Edits-More Info
artist:radical user 76 (32)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:raedrob (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:raevee (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:raikoh (852)No Edits-More Info
artist:rainbinedashie (6)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:rainbunnybaby (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:rain-hatchett (20)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:ralek (1195)No Edits-More Info
artist:ralek (1195)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:randomtriples (103)Other~ Do not post any of my art’s without my permission, including patreon exclusive rewards.
~ Commissions might be uploaded by me or my commissioners only, either they might edit them and add sounds aswell.
~ Do not use my artist:tag, when it comes into grimdark, semi-grimdark, grotesque edits.
More Info
artist:ranmabooks (2)Artist Upload OnlyNo uploads of any images from,, and More Info
artist:rapps (197)No EditsNo edits, unless uploaded by the commissioner.More Info
artist:raps (135)No EditsNo explicit editsMore Info
artist:ratofdrawn (978)Certain Type/Location OnlyDo not upload images from the "Wedding Thank You" art packMore Info
artist:ravensunart (325)No EditsNo unauthorized editsMore Info
artist:ravensunart (325)OtherImages bearing This Watermark are to be uploaded by Tidal Charm only.More Info
artist:reashi (45)No Edits-More Info
artist:red4567 (687)No EditsNo NSFW edits.
No using vectors for NSFW stuff.
Other edits are fine as long as they stay under the "safe" rating.
More Info
artist:redaceofspades (78)Artist Upload OnlyOnly artwork from Devianart. No videos from Youtube. More Info
artist:replica (1626)Certain Type/Location OnlyFinished images are artist-upload-only. Sketches, edits, etc may be uploaded by anyone.More Info
artist:rinn11201 (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:ruby zkarlet (0)OtherArtist Upload OnlyMore Info
artist:rupertbluefox (74)Artist Upload OnlyCommissioners have my permission to reupload my arts, unless otherwise instructedMore Info
artist:rvceric (192)No Edits-More Info
artist:saby (35)No EditsNo unauthorized edits (unless uploaded by user Ihmislehma)More Info
artist:saltedtea (93)No Edits-More Info
artist:samwitchpride (0)Artist Upload OnlyNobody is to upload my art here, or anywhere else without my permission.More Info
artist:saria the frost mage (105)Certain Type/Location OnlyOnly finished "A Foal’s Adventure" may be uploaded – all else by artist onlyMore Info
artist:saturdaymorningproj (378)No Edits-More Info
artist:saurian (934)No Edits-More Info
artist:sb1991 (239)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:scorpdk (588)No EditsNo unauthorized edits, crops, or character change editsMore Info
artist:scruffasus (29)No Edits-More Info
artist:seductive pony (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:seiiartworks (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:selective-yellow (82)Certain Type/Location OnlyUpload by commissioner only; Nothing with their watermarkMore Info
artist:seraphimstardust (1)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:sethisto (51)Artist Tag ChangeArtist upload onlyMore Info
artist:s.guri (162)No Edits-More Info
artist:shellielle (72)Artist Upload OnlyArt from 2018 and 2019 that do not have OCs may remain on the site. Any art after 19 February 2019 must be uploaded by the artist.More Info
artist:shepherd0821 (627)Certain Type/Location OnlyOnly anontypesetter may upload 4Koma-style comics by this artist as of June, 2018. All other art by this artist may be uploaded by anyone.More Info
artist:shinta-girl (972)OtherPoseidonathena is the designated uploader for this artist. No other uploads permitted without explicit permission as of April, 2017.More Info
artist:shootingstaryt (35)With Permission Only-More Info
artist:shoto (106)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:shutterflyeqd (795)No Edits-More Info
artist:shydale (268)Artist Upload OnlyAll uploads under the artist:shydale tag must be by the artist only. Edits are permitted, but they must be tagged "artist:shydale edits" – not "artist:shydale".More Info
artist:silverbulletdash9000 (0)Artist Upload OnlyOnly I am allowed to upload my art here. I do not want to see my art here that I didn’t put.More Info
artist:silverslinger (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:sinraal (103)Certain Type/Location Only-More Info
artist:sion (520)Certain Type/Location OnlyNothing from TwitterMore Info
artist:sisistarr (17)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:sjart117 (38)Artist Upload OnlyArtist upload onlyMore Info
artist:skittletoonz (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:skullman777 (173)No Edits-More Info
artist:skutchi (136)No EditsNo editing to add / replace OCsMore Info
artist:skydiggitydive (66)No EditsText edits on empty speech bubbles clearly intended for fan-made speech are allowed.
Coloring unfinished sketches is allowed.
More Info
artist:smolder (38)Certain Type/Location OnlyNothing from kinkshame-crealMore Info
artist:smuttasus (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:snugs (117)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:softandfluffy (63)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:soggystyrofoam (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:söß'cken (1)No Edits-More Info
artist:soul-natsume (2)No Edits-More Info
artist:speedbumpv-drop (24)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:speed-chaser (73)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:speedpaintthegod (25)With Permission OnlySo long as someone asks for my permission, there shouldn’t be an issue.More Info
artist:spindlesx (188)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:splinterstar (5)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:ss2sonic (389)Certain Type/Location OnlyCommissions are DNP, all other uploads allowedMore Info
artist:stardrawsponies (45)With Permission Only-More Info
artist:stargazer (288)With Permission OnlyCommissioners may upload my work that they have commissioned.More Info
artist:starlightlore (280)No EditsNo explicit editsMore Info
artist:starlightwisps (0)With Permission Only-More Info
artist:starry mind (18)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:stephanoodle (0)No Edits-More Info
artist:stephanoodle (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:strawberryoverlord (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:supersonicbros23 (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:sweetfilthyfun (260)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:swiftgaiathebrony (19)OtherPlease ask for permission before editing this artist’s work. If you upload an edit of this artist’s work, please be prepared to show that you have asked for, and received, permission.More Info
artist:swiftsketchpone (511)No EditsI am allowing Gyrotech to upload color edits of my art. More Info
artist:swirlpopproduction (1)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:taesuga (465)No Edits-More Info
artist:tahublade7 (401)Certain Type/Location OnlyOnly upload art from theowlgoesmoo (DA), tahublade7 (DA), or rarisweetichief (Tumblr)More Info
artist:tambelon (785)No Edits-More Info
artist:technoponywardrobe (8)With Permission OnlyOnly upload my art WITH MY written permission.More Info
artist:teeheedemon (4)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:thatblackcopfromdawnofthedead (31)With Permission OnlyAsk for permission before uploadingMore Info
artist:thatonegib (116)Certain Type/Location OnlyOnly upload artwork from DeviantArt.More Info
artist:theartsyemporium (18)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:thebamas (17)Artist Upload OnlyNo edits, and do not trace or use as a baseMore Info
artist:thebatfang (190)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:the-knick (17)No Edits-More Info
artist:thenerdycockatiel (1)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:thepegasuseffect (0)Artist Upload OnlyI do not want any of my art uploaded here at all. Not by me or anyone. More Info
artist:thepianistmare (185)No Edits-More Info
artist:thepoisonjackal (26)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:thewiselama (24)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:thispony (10)With Permission Only-More Info
artist:thom109 (0)Artist Tag Change-More Info
artist:thunder-artist (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:thurder2020 (11)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:tiz4905 (75)No EditsUsers that are allowed to post without my permission: VantusmanMore Info
artist:tiz4905 (75)With Permission OnlyUsers that are allowed to post without my permission: VantusmanMore Info
artist:tobiisabunny (147)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:tordesu (0)OtherN/AMore Info
artist:toxic-mario (419)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:trustmoon-art (66)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:tsudashie (64)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:twilite-sparkleplz (290)With Permission OnlyOnly I and artist:nekojackun can upload my artwork.More Info
artist:twinblade edge (34)No EditsNo explicit edits.
No questionable edits.
More Info
artist:twistedscarlett60 (795)With Permission OnlyOnly wumbl3 and TwistedScarlett60 can upload. More Info
artist:uglyfun (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:uotapo (768)OtherPatreon Exclusives may not be uploaded to Derpibooru. Edits intended to replicate or recreate Patreon-only images are also not permitted.More Info
artist:usagi-zakura (180)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:uunicornicc (142)No Edits-More Info
artist:vagabond (0)OtherArtist Upload OnlyMore Info
artist:vanorianagato (8)Artist Upload OnlyAuthorized edits are allowed.
ice1517 has permission to upload images.
More Info
artist:verawitch (25)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:viceviev (314)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:vinylmelody (10)With Permission Only-More Info
artist:w300 (46)No Edits-More Info
artist:waterfallru (5)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:wenni (109)With Permission Only-More Info
artist:whiro153 (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:whisperfoot (421)No Edits-More Info
artist:whitediamonds (441)No Edits-More Info
artist:whitepone (404)No EditsNo unauthorized edits More Info
artist:wild-mint (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:wintergleam (16)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:wolfmask (334)OtherI give permission for anyone to upload my images to this site BUT, the people who do it have to do it with the description that I put the original image uploaded to my website. included linksMore Info
artist:woobaloo (139)Artist Upload OnlyArtist-upload only.More Info
artist:wumbl3 (34)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:xenovie (57)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:xieril (271)No EditsSpeak with artist before uploading any editsMore Info
artist:xjenn9 (211)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:xn-d (211)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:xoradoodles (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:xxcommandershepardxx (21)With Permission OnlyOnly commissioners may upload artwork they commissioned.More Info
artist:yakoshi (298)No EditsNo explicit editsMore Info
artist:yinsenshi (0)Artist Upload OnlyIf my art has been a commission or an art trade, it may be posted.More Info
artist:yogfan (151)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:yumiwumi (25)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:zalakir (122)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:zaldia-mavi (18)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:zapplebow (76)No EditsNo explicit editsMore Info
artist:zenaquaria (8)With Permission OnlyOnly Commission Clients and Gift/Fan Art recipients may upload artwork from me by default.
All other uploaders MUST ask me first.
More Info
artist:zharkaer (79)No Edits-More Info
artist:zippysqrl (303)With Permission OnlyNo uploads without permission. This includes edits.More Info
artist:zizka-von-mikser (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:zmei-kira (32)No Edits-More Info
artist:zutheskunk (282)OtherEdits are allowed, but they should go under the "artist:zutheskunk edits" tag.More Info
artist:zutheskunk (282)Artist Upload OnlyImages should be submitted under permission, unless done so by the commissioner.More Info
starswirl academy (159)Certain Type/Location OnlyNo assets ripped from the gameMore Info