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DNP Listing for Tag "artist:mlp-vectorclub"

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Tag:artist:mlp-vectorclub (0)
Restriction Type:Artist Upload Only
Conditions:NOTE: Artists who use mlp-vectorclub backgrounds in their art in compliance with the mlp-vectorclub’s license (including tagging the artist:mlp-vectorclub) are excluded from this DNP.

The club’s staff reserves the right to upload their images if and when they deem it appropriate. Images found in the club’s gallery are usually not made by the group, so use the artists’ own tags instead in that case. Content we would not want uploaded by others includes images specifically made for our Discord server (e.g. the images shown when the /casual command is ran) and images found anywhere on our website. An exception to this is images in users’ personal color guides (and can normally be accessed using https://mlpvector.club/@<DeviantArt username>/cg). Said users are usually the author of such images, so tag those with their artist tags instead of the club’s. Note that if you used our template generator to create a sprite on our website you must honor the CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 license (that you accept when downloading the generated image) by e.g. adding a link to the club or the website in the upload’s description.