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The Do-Not-Post (DNP) List



This is a list of artists who have asked us to place a restriction on the uploading of their artwork. These restructions can include anything from requesting that no edits of their work be allowed, to requesting that no uploads be allowed unless uploaded by the artists themselves.

We ask that you please respect the wishes of artists in regards to their artworks, and check the list before uploading. Note that just because an artist is not listed may not mean that their artwork is ok to post, especially if they have a note at their "source" that they do not wish for their artwork to be reposted.

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The List

The DNP List
artist:graphene (282)No Edits-More Info
artist:graphenescloset (609)No Edits-More Info
artist:greenlinzerd (117)OtherWithin a day of the artist posting their image, upload is with PERMISSION ONLY.

After that, uploading the image is permitted without explicit permission.
More Info
artist:greyzeek (3)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:grzes4000 (154)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:gyaheung (101)Certain Type/Location OnlyNo Twitter uploadsMore Info
artist:gyuumu (34)With Permission OnlyCommissioners may upload their commissions (only after permission first).More Info
artist:halabaluu (29)No Edits-More Info
artist:haleyc4629 (129)No EditsDo not edit any of my art without permission. If you want to edit any of them, ask me by private messaging me and tell me what you’re gonna do with them.More Info
artist:half-pint-hero (12)No EditsCosplay photos forbiddenMore Info
artist:haltie (132)Certain Type/Location OnlyPost only public stuff that’s been publically released on my Tumblr. No exclusive content from my Patreon, please!More Info
artist:handsockz (2)Artist Upload OnlyI don’t want anyone to be able to post my art.More Info
artist:harmoniousrain (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:hawthornss (485)No Edits-More Info
artist:hiccupsdoesart (550)OtherPlease only upload my art if you got my express permission!

Commissioners are somewhat exempted from this, as they may always upload their commissioned pieces the day they receive them. Please do NOT upload old commissioned artwork.
More Info
artist:hiddenmask18 (7)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:hioshiru (891)OtherNo YCH advertisements or sketches.More Info
artist:hioshiru (891)No EditsNo edits/redraws without permission.More Info
artist:hoodieftad (21)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:horsecanada9 (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:horsecat (487)No Edits-More Info
artist:hotaruthodt (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:icecapers (0)Other-More Info
artist:ice-star-pony (14)Artist Upload Only-No NSFW edits
-Artist-Upload Only
-All other edits w/ permission only
-No images that are signed with my actual name or initials, if any are found
-No fetish edits
-No insult edits
-No drama edits
-No bases/tracing
More Info
artist:icesticker (107)No Edits-More Info
artist:icey-wicey-1517 (583)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:ichrillu (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
editor:ilove-mlp18 (36)With Permission OnlyArtist Upload OnlyMore Info
artist:imp344 (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:indigosfmworks (586)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:infinitoa (36)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:inlucidreverie (562)No Edits-More Info
artist:irateliterate (185)Otheronly https://derpibooru.org/profiles/MLPFan2012 is allowed to upload artMore Info
colorist:ironhades (294)Certain Type/Location OnlyDon’t upload anything not already on my twitter or tumblr without my permission. Edits of already uploaded images are okMore Info
artist:ironm17 (404)No Edits-More Info
artist:jacky-bunny (207)No Edits-More Info
artist:jartugger (0)Artist Upload OnlyI would like absolutely no re-uploads of my work at all.More Info
artist:jase1505 (212)Artist Upload OnlyPlease assign all existing artwork uploaded by others to me if possible.More Info
artist:jasminerobotnik (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:jasper77wang (42)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:jbond (759)Artist Upload OnlyUpload of translations is allowedMore Info
artist:jbvonherb (0)With Permission OnlyExplicit permission from me.More Info
artist:jcosneverexisted (2251)No Edits-More Info
artist:jcosneverexisted (2251)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:jessie-park (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:jigglyjuggle (0)Artist Upload OnlyArtist Upload Only
No Edits
More Info
artist:jinyaranda (169)No Edits-More Info
artist:jolteongirl (40)Certain Type/Location OnlyNo "Ask Baby Scoots" tumblr postsMore Info
artist:jonfawkes (1565)OtherNo art by this artist with the "OC:song cue" may be uploaded here.More Info
artist:jotun22 (16)Artist Upload Only-More Info