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The Do-Not-Post (DNP) List



This is a list of artists who have asked us to place a restriction on the uploading of their artwork. These restructions can include anything from requesting that no edits of their work be allowed, to requesting that no uploads be allowed unless uploaded by the artists themselves.

We ask that you please respect the wishes of artists in regards to their artworks, and check the list before uploading. Note that just because an artist is not listed may not mean that their artwork is ok to post, especially if they have a note at their "source" that they do not wish for their artwork to be reposted.

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The List

The DNP List
artist:pahyula (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:palomavietehesky (261)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:pandasayori (15)With Permission OnlyOnly those that have my permission can upload my artwork. Please contact me on any of my social media accounts for permission before uploading. If I already have an image posted here, do not reupload. Artwork may not be edited, altered, or used in any way without explicit permission.More Info
artist:pastelmistress (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:paulysentry (408)OtherI want people to submit my artwork here under my permission & I want to prevent future edits of my work.More Info
artist:pedrohander (310)Artist Upload OnlyArtwork must be online for at least 1 hour before you are allowed to share them on Derpibooru.More Info
artist:penny-wren (55)Artist Upload OnlyI’d also like the uploader credit for already existing uploads of my art to be assigned to me.More Info
artist:peridotkitty (249)No EditsI allow people to post artwork created by me as long as I am credited as the original artist. I would prefer artwork under my artist tag be credited to me as the uploader as well.More Info
artist:perplexia (47)With Permission OnlyPermission mostly applies to edits, as I generally upload the majority of my art here already. Feel free to let me know if there’s anything not on here that you’d like me to upload.More Info
artist:phoenixtm (98)Artist Upload OnlySlight edits are welcome as long as it’s listed under the ’edit’ and im credited for the original creation.More Info
artist:php23 (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:php25 (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:php35 (18)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:php36 (96)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:php37 (131)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:php41 (197)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:php51 (5)Artist Upload OnlyThe artist is anonymous and only they may upload their art.More Info
artist:php56 (323)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:php58 (53)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:php67 (2)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:php72 (53)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:php76 (69)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:php79 (23)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:php82 (152)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:php86 (1)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:php87 (119)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:php88 (118)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:php89 (1)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:pia-sama (1320)No Edits-More Info
artist:pighead (10)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:pillonchou (83)With Permission OnlyYou will be asked for proof of permission if you upload this artist’s work.More Info
artist:pinch-of-salt (6)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:pinkprincessblossom (11)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:pitchpatch (38)Certain Type/Location OnlyNo uploads from Askblog: http://askpitchpatch.tumblr.com
[Commissions from there are OK]
More Info
artist:pizza-lords-den (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:pj-nsfw (251)Certain Type/Location OnlyHigh Res pics are artist-upload-only (greater than 2000x2000px)More Info
artist:pochiap (0)Certain Type/Location OnlyNo Explicit rated artwork.More Info
artist:poecillia-gracilis19 (116)Certain Type/Location OnlyRefrain from posting artworks that explicitly contain religious-related themes.More Info
artist:polyploidy (0)Certain Type/Location OnlyNo cosplay picturesMore Info
artist:poneboning (40)Uploader Credit ChangeI only want people with my permission to be allowed to upload my art to Derpibooru, and I would like the uploader credit for already existing uploads of my art to be assigned to me. Edits are welcome with permission, and if a piece isn’t here and you’d like it to be, let me know!More Info
artist:ponebooth (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:ponkpank (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:ponydoodles (0)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:ponykillerx (0)Artist Upload OnlyThe artist would like to choose which of their images are on the site.More Info
artist:ponymadsaga (37)No Edits-More Info
artist:ponymadsaga (37)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:ponyponutsfm (3)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:pony-way (200)Artist Upload Only-More Info
artist:privatequarters (0)OtherRemoval of art from site and artist name to be delinked from my profile.More Info
artist:pucksterv (284)No Edits-More Info