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2018 Derpibooru Community Collab

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The cutest griffon!
So, maybe quick, question!
I wasn’t going to ask, but a friend told me I should.  
The OC I have is a particular small (micro) griffon, which means he doesn’t fit “7) Ponies should be a normal-sized show-canon species (pony, griffon, etc). Original species are welcome, so long as they’re in a believable show-style appearance.”
Would it be acceptable to have him be his small size in the collab, or must he be scaled up to a normal sized creature? If so, I won’t complain, it is what I did last collab, but figure it is worth it to ask.
And if he can be small, would you prefer, sitting (which means he would need to be close to the front or sides to be seen) or flying (which means he can fit between other characters who are sitting and not need contact with the ground himself). I am flexible, the art hasn’t been made yet!
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PM me your cute OCs
I guess, but don’t be surprised if they’re pushed towards the back of the image because of height and stuff…
That’s fine
Your best bet is asking someone to photoshop him on someone’s shoulder then. I’m not researching, calculating, and keeping track of the intended height of every OC in the collab. I just dumb every image under the tag to my HD, and just scale them to all be approximately the same size.
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I’m actually going to go ahead and step aside for this collaboration and not submit anything. I wasn’t enthusiastic about my design and seeing that you’re not, either, convinces me that I would just be disrupting the overall feel of the finished piece if I submitted my OC. I’ll try to design something perhaps less original and more conforming to the show style next year. Thanks anyway.
Also please go ahead and delete my original post and the image out of my gallery.
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Hey, maybe it would be a good idea to change the announcement at the top to a reminder about the deadline?
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Friendship, Art, and Magic (2018) - Celebrated Derpibooru's six year anniversary with friends.
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Nice, getting creative in how she has her shield. Still able to use the side of her foreleg and shoulder to brace against an opponent’s weapon while perhaps still being able to walk/run normally or even use her hoof. Only issue I see is her being able to easily getting her left wing out from behind it to fly in a hurry.
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