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PM me your cute OCs
The deadline for submissions is tonight, approximately an hour and a half from the time of writing this. We got a lot of submissions to this collab, and I would like to thank everyone who submitted their character, who drew someone else's character, helped answer questions and correct issues with submissions, and everything else. You all are amazing.

# Late Submissions / Extended Deadline

I've had a lot of people ask about late submissions. As always, there will be a window for late submissions. The extended deadline is one week from today:

**Sunday, January 89th, 23:59 PDT (GMT -8)**

You can continue to submit images just by uploading them and tagging them with the [2022 community collab](/tags/2022+community+collab) tag. There's no need to post in this thread or PM me - anything tagged before that date and time will automatically be accepted.

That will be the final deadline, and any submissions after that are not guaranteed to be included in the final image (you’d have to ask in this thread after that point - I’d probably still stay yes, but can’t make any promises).
Reason: Corrected date
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