Requesting a specific type of art (technically SFW but can be considered weird)

The Dark Pony

While the subject matter is SFW (and anything suggestive will be spoilered) this MIGHT have slightly fetishy tones to it but I’m pretty sure a good number of the people that actually do this do so for fun rather than that, and it definitely can be drawn in such a way rather than an overtly suggestive way. Also, due to lack of art of this it might be considered weird even compared to NSFW stuff, but here goes.
Would anyone be willing to do art of female characters taking a bath fully clothed? (I considered photoshopping such pictures but there aren’t a lot of good shots of bathtubs besides Feeling Pinkie Keen and I couldn’t work with that, also I have seen art of them in the pool in this way so my request might not be entirely unreasonable)
Can either be show-accurate or drawn in whatever your art style is.
For Equestria Girls, here would be some I’d absolutely love.
Twilight Sparkle (pony in human form) - Original outfit from first two films (which comes with purple mini skirt)
Twilight Sparkle (EqG counterpart) - Legend of Everfree outfit
Sunset Shimmer - Her pajamas. Jeans or Legend of Everfree outfit or something new like jean shorts would also be fun
Rainbow Dash - Her original outfit from first two films, or her skintight pants. Also, while bikinis don’t count for me, swim shorts do. (If a certain artist wants to do this kind of pic of her in a black dress, go right ahead)
Fluttershy - Her original dress (from first and second films).
Applejack - Anything with jeans or jean shorts
Pinkie Pie - Jean shorts, but as short and tight as Twilight’s Legend of Everfree shorts (which weren’t denim but you get the picture), as Pinkie’s Legend of Everfree shorts seem longer and looser fitting.
Rarity - Her original dress (again, from first and second films), or her Other Side outfit.
The Dazzlings - Their “main” outfits (seen in their cafeteria song “Battle”). It could also be fun showing Adagio giving Sonata and Aria a bath this way, Sonata looking like she’s having fun while Aria looks the opposite.
Also, anything involving short skintight shorts and a sports bra/midriff top would be welcome on ANY of them.
Can also be ponies in shorts (including Pinkie’s exercise outfit or Fluttershy’s “dangerous mission outfit”), pants (including Rarity’s outfit in Simple Ways), or skintight full bodysuits (such as Wonderbolts flight suit, Twilight and Pinkie’s It’s About Time costumes, etc.) I’d especially like it with Celestia or any of the Main 6, except Applejack for some reason. Or Lightning Dust.
As for the scene itself, can either do with soap bubbles in the tub or without, and up to you whether you want to show someone else scrubbing them. They can either be taking this unusual bath on their own for whatever reason (most likely just finding it fun) or someone else giving them a bath (whether they’re fine with it or splashing around soaking whoever’s bathing her, your choice).
Also, since their lower half will likely be submerged under water or soap bubbles (except maybe their knees, though of course clear water is welcome too), maybe put a panel that shows them before getting in the tub? (Having mud or dirt on them would be welcome, as it would further give a reason why they are doing this, but you don’t have to) Of course if the top halves of their outfits are distinctive enough that we definitely know what pants, shorts, or skirts they’re wearing already this may not be necessary.
And tag it “wet clothes” as it’s a tag I’m following and is accurate to what I’m asking for.
Anyone who would do quite a few of these, I would very much appreciate it. I know, it’s kind of weird and might have kind of fetishy tones to it but I’d still really like it and you can do it in a way tagged “safe”. (Would not like nudity or any overtly sexual stuff, but it can be “suggestive” if you want, but not explicit. If you feel like showing butt scrubbing, I’m fine with that as long as her pants/shorts stay up, skirt can be lifted if her panties stay up. Also farting or peeing in the tub is fine too, but only do it if you feel like it.)
And I’m not asking any one person to do ALL of them, do as many as you feel like. (Of course if you want to show all the Equestria Girls in the tub at once, perhaps scrubbing each other…)
The Dark Pony

@Zlat Design
I am still interested but I don’t have any methods of paying that I both trust and feel can’t be traced back to me (though this would be better to be found out than my actual fetishes), so I’ll pass on commissioning something.
Anyone else who is willing to pay and would like to see this as much as I do, feel free to. (This isn’t be being cheap, I just keep both this interest and the fetishes also linked to this account hidden from people I know in real life)
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