[SFW, but sensitive/disturbing] Follow up for "Anorexic Sunny"

Draco Dei

So, I have been inspired by the Anorexic Sunny series.
Got several ideas running through my head, but since they aren’t directly related to the art itself… I thought it best to make what is probably my first post ever on these forums. Please forgive any errors. For example, if this thread needs to be moved to a different forum that would not surprise me.
Question for Project 1:
Okay, let’s say we have the classic “shoulder devil/Shoulder angel” pair for a RECOVERING anorexic. I am guessing the person would be at a healthy body-weight at the point I am interested in FWIW.
So, I would think some days the voice of that shoulder-devil is the most charismatic thing in the world, whispering a call to an entirely false sense of self-improvement and accomplishment.
That I can’t necessarily do anything about… maybe, but maybe not.
But I said “some days”… I’m wondering if there are other days. Days where that shoulder-devil isn’t silent, but also doesn’t sound suave at all, but more like a bratty four-year-old endlessly nagging for you to buy them a toy? Because THAT I have a wonderful idea about how to drop some schadenfreude on that entirely deserving little twit.
(Don’t ask what the project is. I have some past learning experiences that means I can’t say until I get some more information.)
Project 2:
((Removed at request of the artist of the Anorexic Sunny series.))
Background Pony #2E4F
This series was kind of a personal journey to me. I don’t think I would like it to be continued by another person, but the ideas you bring up are pretty cool. Just to note, a lot of people who claim to recover from Anorexia begin to bodybuild. It’s a coverup. It’s another body related obsession that only sounds more healthy to an outsider.
Draco Dei

@Background Pony #2E4F
Very well, I will edit out the second item.
The first shares only the subject matter (a), and I could REALLY use an answer to the question I asked. It does NOT need to be from you, but I could really use it.
(a) It wouldn’t even be in a visual medium nor would it tell a specific story on its own… and certainly it wouldn’t tell a story that would share a continuity with your work.
P.S. I saved a copy of what I deleted, so if you want to see it again at some later point, just ask in this thread… although it could take me weeks to notice, but… it is what it is… I guess I could add it back now if you asked, but in a spoiler and with a disclaimer at the top?
Background Pony #2E4F
I imagine that it took Sunny multiple years to get to the point where she is at the final panel. The voices and delusions definitely stuck around for a long time, even at the point where she was sitting down and eating a meal with her friends, and she was only pushing through it, and she was still underweight at that point and it took her a very long while to be at a healthy state. Now that she was home, it took her longer to gain weight because she was already surrounded by her friends and didn’t feel as pressured.
Draco Dei

@Background Pony #2E4F
Sounds plausible, but what is your point? Just that the scene I was imagining (and since deleted the description of) should happen while she was only partially recovered since Opaline would make her move before that?
If that it is supposed to instead apply to the question I didn’t delete, I must be missing something (I have a communications disability), so could you please explain the connection more carefully? It wasn’t supposed to be a question specific to Sunny, or you (or rather the original artist of the series if you are a different Anon), just about people with Anorexia (and maybe Bulimia too) in general.
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