What images are you getting sick of seeing? (NSFW ALLOWED)

Background Pony #B907
I’m confused why they haven’t been taken down. The guy’s just dropping vectors onto their Minecraft stuff so they can show it off here, I would have thought that was a pretty clear case of “Obligatory Pony”.
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I believe people use this site as gallery for link the images to their own sites their own purposes. This site is one of the last ones where image links dont have tokens half of a A4 long.  
(I see such minecraft pic first time here and are not yet bored)  
Only thing what barely bother me is that “fat” and “chubby” meant always immobile blobs or bellies to the ground pics, moderately rubbensque ponies are rather rare. Actually the pics dont bother me but that if i draw rubbensque ponies then people believe i like those house-sized blobs too.
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