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Technically, IB is better, though FA is planning several modernizations. FA however has a much larger database and community.

If you're looking for a booru-like experience, then you're probably wanting to look into e621, or, and I'm biased on this one, furbooru (the latter using the same booru system as derpi, and similar tagging rules, but much newer).

Hey there. I am trying see how many characters have the "stupid sexy" tag. So far, I have only seen Rainbow Dash having this tag but I am certain that there are more. How would I search for this?

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Do you think pony Sunset Shimmer looks better with the jacket + dress or just the jacket?

Also give me a number between 0 and 324
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Dear mods & admins of Derpibooru i have a question. Could you pertty please make these tags principal celestia, vice principal luna, dean cadance & alumnus shining armor have their tags changed from green into blue like the tag sci-twi is. It would be more easy to navigate the booru that way, best wishes this Background Pony & thank you for your time.
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I agree. It gives a cool edgy look to her. I guess symbolically it means she's a better person. But I kind of wish she still kept it. It gave off a cool somewhat tomboyish look to her.
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