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@Goku Black  
Congrats, it feels good to have one less payment, eh? I remember paying off my car, they sent me a check of $9 because the
"payoff" amount online was slightly different than the real balance
Awesome, a Camry is a good choice for something not to worry about. Funny coincidence, I saw a Scotty Kilmer video of a Toyota engine that seemed to have spark problems, but it was just the fuel injectors that were gunked up. Adding one of those fuel additives and driving in a low gear instantly cleaned the injectors! "[Here":](

I don't see why you don't just sell the truck and buy a different one with a dually setup. I feel like it would be easier than messing with brakes, body panels, axels, and computer/transmission programming! Unless you already have modded/tuned it and then it might just be easier to bolt on new hardware lol
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