Automotive enthusiasts?

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@Goku Black
1. True, but the design looks unique.
2. Understandable (though you could probably say the case about the Vios/Yaris Sedan).
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This car is so ugly, 2022 BMW iX. Ouch.

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in a world filled with white cars, some black painted wheels, black spoiler, and window tint really makes a world of difference.

Speaking of window tint, I need to tint my windows just a little bit, it was 96 today and the black leather seats were just killing me
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Ford Focus or Ford Mustang?

What if Saturn got sold to Penske Automotives?

What if Renault purchased AMC?

What if the Aztek wasn't made?
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The Maverick's 4 1/2 foot bed is more capable than I first thought. Ford designed the bed and tailgate so that it can carry full 4 x 8 sheets. That's impressive for a small truck.

They ought to strap that plywood down lengthwise.
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Really Ford? You couldn't think of another name except for one you've used THREE TIMES already?

Granted, this is only the second time the name is used in America, but it's still lazy. I know US car makers really love using old model names to sell cars abroad (Cavalier in China, Neon in Mexico) but at least these were sized and classed according to the original. The only people who are going to understand why i†'s called Maverick will be Europeans and Australians.
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Corolla (E210)

Yes, there are two versions of the sedan, Sporty and Prestige.

3 door render by Xtomi
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Corolla/Auris (E160/E170/E180)

Yes, there are two versions of the wagon.

Credit for the 3 door goes to Xtomi.
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