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Big loud things on poles
I finally got my D400 to do some work today. It managed to pull some trees away that were taken down by a tornado during the summer and it got the job done. However I did notice that the cross axle differential was slipping when locked so I’m gonna have to do something about that. Other than that though, it’s holding up good. I’m still tossing around the offer for that wheel loser but I’m likely gonna decline it.

3.5 Hour job, factory steps say to remove the front bumper and radiator. I didn’t do that though and just took the fan shroud off. Still a pain. The worst part was getting it out and putting the belt on because there’s like an inch and a half of space between the tensioner pulley and the ABS unit and the fender.
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If Chevrolet sold the Insignia A:

What would be the name? Lacetti? Optra?

Big loud things on poles
Aight real question. What’s the biggest engine you’ve ever worked on? Biggest one I ever did anything with was a cat C15 Acert that was modded to make almost 900 whp

Big loud things on poles
I was thinking about increasing the bore and stroke in a 6NZ I have to up the displacement. I’m aiming for 18L but I feel like that may be going to far.
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