Automotive enthusiasts?


Work was interesting today, I got a $1,200 exhaust job and one of my coworkers who works in the quick lube area totaled a 2021 4runner engine. He forgot to put oil in it. Thing had only 11,090 miles.
Probably gonna be a replacement, but they were considering a rebuild. We’ll see how that goes.
Oh and I bought some parts for my Mercedes, an oil pump for $80 and a bunch of little stuff. It does add up though.
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Was just thinking about some of the cars my parents used to drive when I was a kid. These pics are pretty close to what they actually looked like, down to trim and color.
1983 Pontiac Phoenix
1981 Chevy Malibu Station Wagon
1983 Chevy Monte Carlo
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Alaska Airlines no longer has its “proudly all Boeing” fleet after got a bunch of A320 from Virgin America.
Now the “all Boeing fleet” status belongs to XiamenAir.
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@Khauntzat Adramélekhizarovich Searmaev
besides 550, any specific year or just 50s in general? because early 50s bel air looks way different than late 50s, so does eldorado
also look up 1958 buick limited, kaiser darrin, bmw 507, Alfa Romeo BAT 5/7/9 concept cars, Ferrari 410 Superamerica, Maserati A6GCS, etc etc. i could go on, but look these up seriously, so many great masterpieces that time may have forgotten.

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I’m almost starting to regret not buying a wheel loader of sorts since more snow is coming down in my area tomorrow and I don’t have a plow attachment for any of my trucks

Finally got my hands on the new Tundra. We had another one before but I didn’t get to do the predelivery inspection on that one. I drove it as well, it feels bigger than the older tundra but it’s a whole lot faster.
Pretty conventional set up with the turbos. They aren’t sequential, so each turbo has an airbox.
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Never driven a Tundra, but I’ve been in one and the thing that stood out to me was how huge the cabin is. It’s like Toyota thinks the average American is over 6 feet tall and morbidly obese. I can’t imagine the new Tundra feeling bigger.

Yeah its pretty fun. The inspections pay well and it’s easy to do.
I’m 5’11 and it was still about a foot taller than me. Though this particular truck has bigger wheels and tires than the cheaper models. Also, this one’s sticker price was $45,000. Not bad really, I’ve seen the older tundras go for $50,000.
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