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Update from Communia on the French Implementation:

“ 🚨 DSM implementation update 🇫🇷: Yesterday The french ministry of culture published Ordonnance n° 2021-580 containing the french implementation of #Article17, which will go into effect on the 7th of June. “

This tweet includes this link:

“ The ordonance adds new articles to the Intellectual Property Code (L. 137 for copyright & L. 219 for neighbouring rights). There are few changes from the text discussed in Assemblee Nationale in march 2020. This is still a very literal implementation of the text of the directive. “

“ The main change is that the law now includes the requirement not to prevent legitimate uses. However the law does not specify how this should be achieved in practice. It contains no ex-ante safeguards that would limit automated blocking to obvious cases of infringement. “

“ With the ordinance in place France has now implemented all articles that strengthen the position of rightholders, authors and creators (articles 15, 17 & 18-23) ahead of the implementation deadline. However it has not implemented any of the Articles that strengthen users' righs. “

/End Infodump

Looks like France will be ready but that still leaves a shitload of other nations and the Commission guidelines themselves.

Now the very fact that seemingly nothing to hardly anything to ensure that legal is kept up other than saying that it must.

should lead to legal repercussions for France if I’m correct.
If the Commission Guidelines are to be released soon then they’ll have to redo/adjust their implementation.
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