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I agree with both view points. While there is plenty of cause to worry, not because of the EU itself but the corporations who have plenty to gain from taking advantage of the laws put in place. After all there is nothing stopping a police officer from pulling over and arresting a person because of an obscure law almost no one remembers exists.
I can understand the worry that every one has... and admittedly the best way to look and prepare for a problem like this, is to look at the worst case scenario and plan Accordingly. But lets be really honest here... if a company like Hasbro had problems with the fan base and just wanted to strike down this website... they probably could thanks to how backwards and goofy Copywrite law is [speaking as a person in the United States anyway]

The most interesting thing about how law is run, from what I can tell.. is that what is enforced or ruled is not always what is in the books. Laws can be interpreted in different ways and logical. In short, what is on paper is not what is enforced.
Reason: added thoughs [only posted to save what id gotten done]
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