Favourite Food Thread

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Burritos. I make them as a cross between burritos, chili and enchiladas and then grill 'em. So good.

Chilidogs made with spicy chili, topped with jalepenos, diced red onions, hot sauce and dijon mustard, served on warm buns peppered with poppy seeds.
Other than that, I am a huge sandwich nut.
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I don't really have a favourite food dish, as I mainly live on rice, pasta, and vegetables.

But if you were to pin me down to something, I'd say anything with falafel. Especially falafel burgers that they sell at Fergburger over in Queenstown.

I don't actually have a favorite food, I'm a exteme-ick eater(a word I made up for people who are extreme picky eaters). I don't like fruits or veggies(except broccoli or if it's in a specific way and not in huge chunks) I also don't like sea/lake/water life at all. Not a fan of all kinds of meats.(even though my diet consists of mostly meat and junkfood)
I'm not saying I don't have a particular food I always fond of, its just that since my options are limited, I just don't see a favorite food in them
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