Finish each other's sentences

Background Pony #E548
technology that is prevalent today.

If Chris Cornell had not died, then I would not be feeling

The Hell?
Find Adventure.

It's been one week since you looked at me
Cocked your head to the side and said, "I'm angry"
Five days since you laughed at me saying
"Get back together come back and save me"
Three days since the living room
I realized it's all my fault, but couldn't tell you
Yesterday you'd forgiven me
But it'll still be two days 'til…
Background Pony #89CE
get visited by a looming succubus.
An evil entity had taken hold of me…

The Hell?

Now I'm looking to the sky to save me
Looking for a sign of life
Looking for something to help me burn out bright
I'm looking for a complication
Looking 'cause I'm tired of lying
Make my way back home when…
Background Pony #89CE
I see another person like me
Trying to make it all feel like home

These days are dark and the nights are cold…
Background Pony #89CE
give kids presents to vindicate myself of being a bad man.

The scariest character…
Background Pony #89CE
snitch on those that are role models for betrayal.

These graves are cold and empty…
Background Pony #89CE
the reversal of conception initiated to guarantee cataclysm.

Hampering of traps…
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