How would you cause as much chaos as possible?

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There's been plenty of fantasy shows and science fiction shows where there's a villain that doesn't give a care about anything other than wanting to watch the world burn and getting as much enjoyment as possible.

If you were such a chaotic evil movie villain how would you cause as much chaos as humanly possible?
Rule: You can not directly harm a person or do something that directly harms a individual.

It can be anything really from replacing all the cream fillings in oreos with toothpaste, stealing everyone's left shoes or giving sharks lazerbeams.

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Make a working replica of the boss borot

Just Do shit in it, Chaos will follow in my wake (Not in the way you'd think, The boss borot Follows cartoon physics, Seeing as it was made by the comic relief of Mazinger Z)
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It's simple. Make Hasbro go bankrupt and ponies go poof.

Then do the same to BBC.

Sit back and watch the internet's reaction.

…Actually I wouldn't ever do that. The horror!
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Let's just say that I know how BGP works. With some root passwords, I could take the "inter" part of "internet" away on a pretty large scale. No permanent damage, but the chaos would be delightful.

Or maybe not. There'd be some Very Angry(TM) people coming after me.

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Swap the populations of two random major cities. Not their stuff, just the people. See how long it takes to sort things out.
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Tell bronies Fluttershy sucks.

Go to a club and tell the DJ to put on Icejjfish.

Drive into town with my Ghetto ass speakers blasting so loud you can feel the grown vibrate.
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Corrupter of the pure
Wait, I got one: Release a official pokemon mmo, half-life 3, actual science fiction virtual reality and watch as tens of millions of gamers forget their daily lives causing hundreds of millions of lost man hours in the workforce due to people ditching work, school and their social lives.
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Give Ebalosus a copy of Half Life 3, complete with a HL3 disk. Then see him install it, play it, and find out that it's a collector's edition of Mass Effect 3, complete with an alternate ending by M. Night Shyamalan.
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Cause a worldwide economic freeze using stock market manipulation resulting in the cessation and dissolution of all functions of society because nobody is getting paid and money is worthless
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Upload uncensored videos of me slaughtering animals inhumanely and in an unknown environment so no one can save them.
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