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If you want to be yourself, be yourself.
If you want to wear a fedora, wear a fedora.
If you want to not shave, don't shave.
If you dress how you like, you're dressing right.
If you want to watch cartoons and anime, watch cartoons and anime.
If you want to be quiet, be quiet.
If you want to be loud, be loud.
If you want to dream, dream.
If you want to say, say.
If you need help, ask. Someone is there.

Make yourself comfortable with being yourself. Just something I figured people needed after the events of the last month or so.

"This too shall pass."

A good question to wonder. I know I am still trying to find the best way to love myself since sometimes I feel unhappy with who I am.

I think it stems from other things in my life like depression, and that I try too damn hard to please other people so I don't feel like I'm doing anything wrong. Could be due to autism or something else. I wish I knew.
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Well stressed, friend!

Yes, that bad. You dont want to start questioning yourself and your own desires, and then have to rebuild yourself from…nothing.



Of course, I've had more issues than just my autism; sometimes I fear making myself happy at the expense of others, and it's caused me to lose friends whom I wish I had been able to make it up to…

And also, I have had some HORRID relationships with some people, both platonic and romantic, and in the end, all it's done has made me more of a mess than I usually am, be it me being autistic or not.
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