Ponibooru Film Night

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We should probably watch Ultraman the adventure begins sometime. Its a pilot movie for an american Ultraman cartoon and at one point the Main heroes get branded as criminals by the US government for killing a monster that was destroying a city.

I also found a story we could do sometime

Maria's Revenge it's a sonic creepypasta/fanfiction that turns into a self insert fic at the end where the protagonist has to kill Gerald robotnick for raping Maria.

For another time I also found a movie called the Super Inframan where the main villainous is literally named "princess Dragon Mom"

its in parts on vimeo

Also I found a really awful looking dragon movie from peru called
Dragones: destino de fuego

Also I need to find the episode of dragon blood where it is revealed the main villain fucked a she-dragon and they had a baby so we can watch it.
Since the Beginning  -

I found two creepypastas that would be great to read for halloween but I am going to try and cut both of them down a little since they are both fairly long. But we did read sonic .exe 2 in one night.
The blue text is me cutting,explaining or shortening something.

Huniepop Newly single For this one you need to read the email segments.

Maria's revenge
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Okay, so i've been having issues with my tablet not working in art programs regardless of how much i reinstall drivers, so poster will probably be sporadic now. so this weekk we're watching jason x
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I double checked with you on Friday before leaving the stream and YOU told me that you guys would.
So if no one nobody listens to you I take it you don't listen to yourself?
And I had the stream open on Saturday, no one came in to tell us it was canceled, so you never said anything.
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http://trollpasta.wikia.com/wiki/Ending_the_%22Frozen%22_Nightmare Found one about a gary stu self insert torturing and killing anna and elsa because of how popular frozen is/was.
next friday I will try and have the links ready.
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I got some pastas. should I send the links to someone here in a message so they will be ready for when we read after the movie?

Edit: I just remembered that alvin and the chipmunks meet the wolf man is something we have to watch sometime.
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Sorry can't come tonight since livestream is refusing to work for me.
Also I found a movie we could do sometime.

The 2014 lupin the 3rd live action movie. critics and fans both hated it since it was a bad attempt at a origin story for lupin and the film has almost half of the dialouge in English even though some of the actors weren't fluent in English.

And for a TV party we should do the first episode of the fruit ninja cartoon which is free on youtube.
Since the Beginning  -

Some fics

The First Steven Universe fanfic on the internet which was written before the show aired.

The Dipper goes to taco bell of Steven Universe

A TakatoXRenamon story because that is popular for some reason

And if we really wanted to test the limits of our abilities we could try reading volumes 5 and 6 of SAO. It may very well be the closest thing we can get to another relix.
Also I found Los Brijes on youtube

It's a mexican animated kids movie that was released as a part of a celebration of the bicentennial anniversary of mexico's independence. It also features a mute girl named "muty" who has the superpower to mute sounds and it is heavily implied that she became mute from getting raped.

Also I found an indian movie with some great fight scenes but it's a little long at 3 hours. apparently there was a 3d recut that reduced it to 155 minutes. it's called Sivaji Rajini
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