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Background Pony #09B4
So, I don't know where to begin...

I haven't had much friends growing up, as common, yes picked on at school, shoved into a garbage bin, had people assert negativity towards my face, didn't always get to hang out with my brothers that often, had bad friends and tried to be their friend hopefully making them good people. Had one of them stop hanging out with over believing I was too disabled to hang out with.

Didn't see one of my friends for years and didn't get to hang out with them too much over them having to take care of a house full of siblings where most of the time they did a lot of house work and at they times they didn't get much privacy or got too busy nowadays, which now I only get to only so often get hang out with three friends offline.

I've got schizoaffective disorder, hyperglycemia, gluten entolerence, autism, adhd, a'm likely to have ocd, and it just feels like the worst combination..

I'm tired of dealing with it..

I've had family not believe me when i found out I had diet issues, when I needed to care of my function in the ways i needed to..

I've had family (at times) and friends -especially people close, -or even people I've tried to make friends with; treat me wrongly in ways of either misconceptionalizing me, belittling, demoralizing, disrespecting me, or even me being accused of still being mad about issues that have been forgiven from the past and I've moved passed the past.

I've even been treated like a child and really do not appreciate that. Even been had people say the way the help me thinks their helping me when it's not the way I need to be helped.

I've had people be pessimistic or nitpick at all the little or big things about things I am interested in like hobbies, games, or stuff i just like -even at times when I am stressed. I've had people try to manipulate me a few times.

I've had hobbies and games I like to do that seems like almost VERY few to no people are into.

All I want is just a friend to call on discord, a friend offline to not abandon me when I'm worried about health issues, a friend anywhere that can just listen when I need a ear to vent to (as I can do the same), hang out and care for one-another, and not be turned agenst in the most annoying ways like one turning out to be a condecending, demoralizing, or cynical prick
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