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[Dark] Depression/Suicides within the fandom (The revival)

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For that matter, why the hell are so many heroes and protagonists in perfect shape, while people that would share a body type like mine are demoted to supporting characters that can never get laid, and treated like shit?
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As a result, I can’t look at people like Johnny Depp, Chris Hemsworth or Orlando Bloom and feel inadequate because of my chubby shape.
I mean, just…what the fuck was the point of Thor’s bath scene from “Age of Ultron”? Was there some plot-related significance to him splashing himself with water and letting it drip off his perfect pecs, abs and biceps? Or was it a waste of time to convince cute girls into chasing people like him while leaving people like me in the dust?
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To add to that - when I’m feeling super depressed the thing I hated most to hear was that I chose to be that way. Bullcrap. It’s chemicals and stuff.
But, chemicals are affected by what you think and do, so while “it’s a choice” doesn’t mean you can flip happiness on like a light switch, what it does mean is that you can choose to start climbing a mountain, and somewhere along the way you’ll start to appreciate the view if you fight for it.
In other words, it’s hella tough, but you do have some degree of control. If you give in, it’ll only get worse. If you decide to be intelligent and self aware about it, then you can start on a road to somewhere better.
A drowning man can’t save himself, but he can try to cry out for help, or refuse to grab the life preserver thrown to him.
And who knows. Sometimes people learn to swim when it’s sink or swim. Lots of people have recovered from suicidal depression. It’s not impossible. There’s no magic cure, but it is possible.
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*breath in* BOI
@The Last Reviewer  
Oh, no. I don’t think that’s why you are what you are, I’m just noticing patterns in that guys behaviour that reflect my previous mental states and am offering concrete offers for change
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