[Dark] Depression/Suicides within the fandom (The revival)

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I'm too poor to afford shit… My dad keeps asking for money and even when I get another paycheck, it's not enough to give. I work in a job that pays $15, which 10 years ago might've been sweet even by New Jersey standards, but has now become the new minimum wage even though it's not federally offical. I'm getting nickel-and-dimed for just about everything, even for things I never used.

I just had a filling in one of my teeth fall out from a little flossing and I'm scrambling to look for low-cost dental care because I don't have dental insurance.

Too many stupid assholes keep saying "There's plenty of resources for the poor! You just gotta look!" but whenever I do there's either too many hoops to jump through or I don't qualify for it because I "make too much money" or it just plain doesn't exist.

It's incredibly difficult for me to find a job that pays at least $25/hour, nevermind whether I'd even be able to perform well enough to do it and keep it even if I did fine one. We're living in a second Gilded Age and all my family can say is that I'm not trying hard enough. Maybe I'm not, but then I'm already stressed as it is having fallen through the cracks time and time again, I don't think I can handle going through the stress of climbing my way up the system that has already thrown me in the trash.
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Haven’t been on here for a while. Still, I feel the need to express myself. This shitty job I have is not really cutting it anymore, and I’m really starting to just hate life because the love of my life probably just hates me for life over dumb mistakes I would make and the promises I break, long story short. Moral of the story is, don’t ever, EVER, cheat, even if you do it on accident. I did it without knowing I did, and ever since half a year ago, I am hated forever. The day I am finally happy will be the day I am six feet under.
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Background Pony #1A79
I couldn't sleep… again, because I was worrying about all my mistakes, everything bad I did, every social interaction that was worth 2 Kg of shit, every try to make a friend that ended in a total and abysmal failure and that confirmed me that I'm just a freak that can into social, all of that just triggering Depression again.

I hate this anxiety, I hate this country that still believes everybody with Depression it's just a psychotic freak in a killing spree, I hate this life. Yet I can't simply die. And I'm here whining about my life when people are having it way worse, when people are suffering, when people are at the brink of death.

Why I can't just die, It'll be better for everyone…
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Barry Tone
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Christ's God: יהוה
@Background Pony #1A79

Worry's just a hellhole. Not to ignore genuine problems, but as much as you can avoid it, somehow refuse to worry.

Hell… I sometimes sounded much the same as your reply here. Thing is, when a thick cloud's surrounding your head, it can feel hard to see anything else; let alone feel like you can breathe a better life when somehow a metaphorical smog factory follows you.

Media's not always to be trusted with words of people who just don't feel good. I've not always felt fine, but I've pulled out of it. Sometimes I'd be back in, then I'm out. Just keep in mind, the media often sells negative stories.


Is that yet written? Not mockingly speaking here. I need to take time to hear, and not necessarily speak what's first on my mind.
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wow my family is having a competition on which one of them manages to be the worst asshole rn
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