[Dark] Depression/Suicides within the fandom (The revival)

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Suppose that’s true. Just irritating waiting to see if/when something will even be useful and to what extent. Will try to keep it in mind, thanks.

I don’t want to contribute to the problem. Plus main reason I‘m stuck in this hell hole is because my parents don’t think it’s that bad, and I therefore refuse to abandon them. Unlike most Americans I actually care for those in need and don’t resolve my issues with violence and bullying.

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Oh I graduated, oh I get laid every day, oh I have alot of friends, Oh I have a great job, doesnt end someone has to feel better than someone else
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how the fuck am i ungrateful? which part of my life should i be grateful for? everyone tells me id be selfish if i killed myself what the fuck do u want from me? should i hire someone to kill me or does that still make me a terrible self centered person? how can people be so cruel to not take a second to slow down and look around them instead of feeding everyone their "get good lol" while they keep saying that everyone who dares to talk about something that makes them depressed deserves to go to hell.. i fucking hate myself i regret everything ive ever done but ill still get told to just chill because its not their problem maybe im mentally ill or just so obsessed with myself and my emotions that i cant see anything from the world around me anymore..

its my birthday in about a month or so but i wish i could have my current age as the number on my tombstone..
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Idk, a mixture of both? Like, I was initially going to say it was over specific stuff but there are so many "specifics" that it'd feel kind of disingenuous to answer that way.

But a big part of it lately has been family drama.
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i felt an intense "nothing" today
a complete lack of emotions and will to live, like my soul wasnt even there
id rather feel intense physical pain if it meant i didnt live like this anymore..
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I'm all alone. 😢 💔
So the pandemic begins to mutate……
I hate being right about 2021. Hope was all a lie. My future is all a lie. Everything I know in my life is all a lie…………..

I told you things are not getting better as anyone thought it would. And I told you that it's only getting worse.
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