So are we uploading episodes one frame at a time now?

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There’s no way to filter anonymous uploads by uploader but you could add (screencap, score.lte:25) to your complex hide filter to hide most of those. I went through a few pages and most of the spammed ones don’t get past that.
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I miss the show so much
I just hid the episode tag. I regularly do that during floods. I’ll unhide it in a few days, after that random background pony runs out of steam.
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The MLP Lover-Fan
I’m not too sure whether or not that BP user who uploaded the aforementioned episode had stopped already, but somehow it has stopped, at least for now. However, I am worried about that they’ll end up doing this again in the future with another episode, and that’s why I took a break from uploading anything.

That’d be an interesting way of trolling, actually. It dissuades people from simply browsing the site (aside from direct searches) and partially from uploading, increases database size for little content gain, and the process can be automated fairly easily. But at the same time it’s not offtopic, it’s even entirely SFW, so there are few formal reasons to interfere aside from “I said so”.
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