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Hello everyone, I have been thinking about this for a while, and decides ro ma a thread to discuss other pieces of media that had plotlines similar to Anon-a-Miss, whether done better or worse.
To start, I would like to point to what Thomas the Tank Engine fans call the “Duck and Diesel” trilogy.
Basically Duck, an engine who had been in the show for a few episodes by this point and was friends with the others, is tasked to show a new diesel, named Diesel, how to work on the island. Things go wrong and Diesel blames Duck, thinking the steam engine caused trouble on purpose. As payback, Diesel spreads rumors that Duck came up with rude names for the three big engines, Henry, Gordon, and James. As a result, the three shun Duck untill the controller of the railway finds out Diesel was spreading the lies.
In my opinion, Thomas handled the situation better as Duck was still fairly new to the railway, and had a history of standing up to the bigger engines in the past, making it mush more believeable they would think he really did come up with the names.
Anyways, feel free to share other examples you know of!
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