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This is a topic for abortion so people won't be talking about it on images where it doesn't belong.

This is for honest discussion and not for hatred or name calling or harassment of pro or anti abortion-rights people/ponies.

Personally, I've never been able to come to grips with this topic and "pick a side." I understand some of the viewpoints from both sides, and I've never really been able to feel okay with accepting either side as the only "right" one. I feel that abortions are ethically questionable, but I don't hate the people on either side of this issue and I understand that many people are in a lot of pain and grief over this for different reasons.

Personally, I feel that nobody really knows whether or not the soul is real, and what happens to it after one passes on. I believe that there is a soul of sorts, but nobody really knows. We don't even truly know when the soul begins and what death actually does to it in the first place. I have my beliefs, but I don't believe in forcing others to believe them as well.

I just want to ask questions that make us think I'm here, and have an honest and open discussion.

Is it really safe to assume that abortion is okay, regardless of religion and beliefs? Is it really okay to assume, with confidence, that abortion is not killing an innocent life?

There is no denying that unborn babies can feel pain at quite young ages in the womb… On the flip side, growing up with terrible parents who can't afford to take care of you is extremely painful. I know this firsthand, and while I'm overall very happy and lucky to have not been aborted myself, I haven't always felt that way.

I don't know what is right. This issue is not as clear cut and simple as so many people try to make it out to be. I'm guilty of letting my anger get the better of me sometimes… But we need to rise above the insulting and dismissive attitudes that divide us. If we want to make people understand us and make progress, we have to have honest and open dialogue to explain the reasons we feel the way we do, and not pretend that the "other side" is just evil.

Thanks. ~
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