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The entire protagonist cast in Jurassic Park 2, for starters. They all eco-terrorists. And the villains from the movie...just wanted to make that tourist attraction that was the reason the dinosaurs were made in the first place?

Clone girl Whats-Her-Name from Jurassic World 2. Does untold damage and death by releasing the dinosaurs for stupid reasons. And the villains were just auctioneers? Not even necessarily trying to weaponize the dinosaurs this time.

And now all the kids from Camp Cretaceous. [spoiler]Gets a bunch of people killed and jeopardizes their escape off the island...for no real reason. They say it's to prevent more hybrid dinosaurs from being made, but that's really dumb to begin with and as we know by the movies ultimately pointless. And the villains in this season...just wanted data that belong to them, and would've given them a ride off the island despite not knowing they were there to begin with?[/spoiler]
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