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Lola Bunny not having the same rack now as she did back then:

(Seriously, her rack got reduced well before Space Jam 2 and I didn’t see anyone complain then.)

The characters no longer using guns:

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There were worries that the Monsterverse would end with only 4 entries. However thanks to the success of Godzilla vs Kong — which holds the honor of being highest grossing film since the pandemic started. This despite a simultaneous HBO Max streaming release (of which it also holds the honor of being the highest streamed movie on the platform) — there are now talks of more entries possibly on the way.

Long Live the Kings.

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Elsa not being a party member in KH3 was so stupid.

But apparently Disney didn’t want her being seen as the badass Ice Queen before Frozen 2.
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The Frozen World was probably the most disappointing world in KHIII due to it almost being a shot for shot remake of the first movie. It's worse given the it was the one the crew was most excited to work on, but also had the most restrictions by the Frozen team in particular. Apparently they wanted Elsa and/or Anna to fight(and given the early trailers, there was a possibility of an Elsa Boss fight), but the Frozen team didn't want that and were really protective of how the world was portrayed
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You mean how it's implied in the movies that both Tangled and Frozen apparently take place in the same world?

I mean i get that for almost every other world they follow through with the events of the movies, but at least they are altered so that they acknowledge Sora and co along with the heartless.

Doesn't Elza only meet Sora until literally the very end of that world too or am i misremembering things?

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It just dawned on me how chaotic the KH multiverse is.

I mean just look at all these entities that can appear out of nowhere in large numbers:

(Although the Spirits are at least friendly/passive.)

Why aren’t there any creatures that spawn from Light?

Something like this bastard for example:

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