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@Thanotos Omega
I watch literally hundreds of hours of Warhammer vids. Bruva Alfa, 40k Theories, Karl, Eliphas, Tom and Ben’s Warhammer channel, etc and not once have I been recommended such things.
That sounds like you’ve been looking up other stuff that’s got your algorithm all in a tizzy.
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Possibly, i just like that it looks like a Warhammer setting that’s finally kicked all the racism and sexism that always made me lose interest in the others, outside of the death faction still having lots of Egyptian influences, but compare that to Fantasy where all the non white humans were either undead chaos or implied to be ripping off the Lizardmen, and it’s a huge improvement,

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Remember the old stereotype/trope/cliche of Two Men Arguing vs Two Women Arguing?
Men would cuss each other out and throw punches but would be down for a high five the next day.
Women squawk like birds and claw at each other’s hair for months before coming to what can be seen as an apology.
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The simple fix for that is for dio to have a daughter and have her fall in love with a joestar and have kids with him also I’ve been thinking dio wouldn’t want kids because of his father being a piece of crap and not wanting to continue his bloodline because he hates him or thinking he’ll treat his kids like crap like his father so decides not to have any or he could just not care about that at all and do what he wants to do.
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