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The Nerd Thread (comics, movies, anime, cartoons, video games, lore, fun stuff, ect.)


Do these people know any other words then woke?
God I hate these channels. I’ve been into the online entertainment news stuff for about a decade now and these “Fandom Menace” grifters have sucked some of that joy away. To them every single new movie or show is “woke” or “SJW”. Sigh

there a bunch of brainwashing grifters or blelve thereown hype and think they aren’t bottom of the dumpster dipshits.
Yep. I find it funny how they say they don’t want politics in their entertainment, yet continue to have politics as part of their conversations about movies and shows. And ignoring that things like Star Wars and Star Trek have always had political themes.
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I hate those channels so much.
She Hulk’s first episode was boring. It was all set up, but in a way that makes it seem like the rest of the series could be pretty good.
And that’s all I want to hear a reviewer say. But no, I’m afraid to load up any reviewer because of the very high chance that instead I’ll get some crap saying ‘this show sucks because WOMAN!’, and then my recommended feed will be nothing but incels and Carlgon all day every day.
You just know if this worked out then cancelling shows as a business models would become the norm. Glad to see this scam nipped in the bud early.
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@northern haste
Its actually kind of nice they’ve taken the mask off in recent years. Now there’s no pretense of “it’s just they’re opinion.” “free speech.” “Your just an SJW” or any other garbage people used to defend them anymore. They’re the whiny babies the Anti-SJWs/anti-woke always were even when they began and it’s plain for all to see now.
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