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So with all that’s going on with WB, the thing I’m mostly worried about is Young Justice getting cancelled once again. As if it wasn’t enough the first time…
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Oh man I can’t believe Netflix canceled the resident evil series after one season.
No one saw that coming after they fucked up so bad it actually made people appreciate the terrible movies.
I mean, who woulda thought a terrible CW teen drama with cringe humour fused with a discount walking dead episode and turning Wesker into blade would turn off fans?
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Considering Netflix is in a cash-hole thanks to the ungodly spending they did in 2020 and 2021, it seems that it boiled down to them not being able to afford it.
In other news, THR is reporting there is high interest among Apple, Disney (Hulu) and Netflix to pick up Batman: The Caped Crusader after HBO Max passed on it.
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@Background Pony #02EE
And the show runner thought he was going to be able to get at least 15 seasons.
Kind of felt like they didn’t have enough content for one season. Really the stuff in new raccoon city should just spend the 1st couple of episodes.
Also please for the love of God Internet stop using cringe as a description word. Yes The show had some really stupid lines but stop it
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