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Na na nah.
These boys are aware when they made that. They know full well what thet was doing coz every product had to have gone through ideas-scrapping, prototypes and reiteration.
So yea so somebody really looked at the design, took feedback from their test audience + its terminally online young team members, and decided to greenlight it.
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Honest Queston but how many actual fans are there for Avatar these days? Because it seems like whenever t gets brought up nowadays it’s mainly just people shttng allover it
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Est. 2012
I thought Endgame became a b.o. success because of a shitload of people going to see it in 2D.
I mean, I used to think 3D might lead films to be box office hits and 2D-only releases made movies like My Little Pony: The Movie and the 2017 Power Rangers film not succeed. And that’s before Sonic the Movie became a box office hit despite being a 2D-only release.
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