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So the tracker info on my HMM Gun Sniper says “En Route” and I don’t know if that’s DHL’s tracker’s way of saying it’s out of delivery or just on its way to my town. Last update before that was that it cleared customs 4 days, but didn’t specify WHERE it had cleared customs… ahh, the headaches of ordering from international websites.
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Do any think it was a really dumb idea for Warner Brothers partnering with Discovery?
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I hate smartdonkeys
Besides “Soul”, “Luca” and “Turning Red”, I’ve seen every Pixar movie in theaters from “Toy Story” in 1995 all the way to “Lightyear” this year.
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Nah. I like her that way. (And people who don’t draw her as plus size shouldn’t at me)
Take what this guy said:
@Thanotos Omega
He hates her fans for shipping her with hunter because he’s a Huntmira shipper,
Also, to reply to Thanatos, the problem isn’t shipping her with Hunter.
The problem is people acting like age is just a number just because a 1 to 2 year age difference is not problematic. Not to mention they ignore how Dana Terrace did Emira and Edric dirty by no longer being relevant on the last episodes of Season 2 and being reduced to irrelevant background characters just because of Any Sport In A Storm.
I don’t mind Willow having more development and more time to shine. That’s allowed, but either she should be paired up with someone else in canon or at least make Hunter and Willow have moments WITHOUT making it romantic.
And yes, I am a Huntmira shipper. What ya gonna do? Hate me for it like this mf did?
There’s nothing wrong with shipping two characters of the same age.
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Amethyst the God Slayer
You all remember Vic Mignogna, right?
So… apparently he appeared at a con recently and… did some things there. Among which was making a tasteless suicide joke…
Jesus f###ing Christ…
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There’s also the fact that most of the cons heads consisted of alt right shitheads instead of people who are actually involved in the anime industry and the con has a history of sexual harassment and misconduct, including the founders themselves
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