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Things aren’t looking too good for the MCU Blade movie.
List of issues so far:
-The person directing the movie has stepped down from their role as director and the movie is now waiting for someone else to take over
-Script is apparently too short and is going over rewrites
-Despite being an action movie, there were supposedly only TWO action scenes, which according to insiders and crew members were both “lackluster”
-Kevin Fiege is too busy to try and help fix things
-The lead actor for Blade (Mahershala Ali) is reportedly not very happy with all of the above issues
-Movie’s release date is supposedly delayed
-Production of the movie has been pushed from November of this year to sometime in early 2023
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@Darth Prime
Sorry what I meant was character design wise, of course it’s gonna be bright and colorful I just didn’t think they would be using the exact character and world designs from the video games.
Darth Prime
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Ah I see.
Well the Mushroom People look pretty good but the only one we see is Mario from behind.
But hey I’m sure it’s fine despite how some people are maybe not super hyped for this movie they are most cautiously optimistic the bar was set extremely low by the 90s one after all.
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@northern haste
He….actually looks good? The mustache and mouth are a bit off-putting, but it’s a solid design nonetheless and he’s more or less the Mario we recognize (I like the collar on his shirt, too; makes him more working-class). I imagine they had to change it up a bit because they didn’t want merch licensors to be confused over which were game merch and movie merch, but still…pretty solid.
Duck - Believes in a quack for a quack. Not a fan of being civil to others.

@northern haste
I think after seeing the teaser poster people expected Mario to look exactly like he does in the game.
That was never in the cards, because otherwise it would just be an-hour-and-thirty-minute long cutscene. Should also be noted that Nintendo almost certainly oversaw and approved the design (and much more stringent than Sega was with Paramount regarding Sonic’s design), and judging by the lack of C&D requests on social media they and Universal seem to be happy with the response currently.
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