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The time wasting thread [SFW] -NoFullExplicit/Grimdark

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Does anyone else remember that two minute cartoon that used to air on Boomerang of a guy who turned into a car/motorcycle/something ass first and save his “girlfriend” from danger only to transform back just in time for aid girlfriend to quip “Gee, you missed that car again!” or was ten year old me hallucinating?
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@And Brother I Hurt People  
Also he sounded like curly from the three stooges.  
Also speed buggy where a bunch of teens have a talking dune buggy.  
And fangface where a bunch of teens are friends with a werewolf  
They were all scooby doo. Not like scooby doo, they were just scooby doo
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Let’s imagine for a moment that you were an amputee. If you had to choose between getting a grown organic leg or a cybernetic prosthesis, which would you choose?
Thread Starter - The Time Wasting Thread 2.1

@And Brother I Hurt People  
I don’t know. Maybe it’s just that scooby came first and had more effort put into it. Or maybe people just got tired of the formula.
Also The best part is that they were all hy Hanna barbera. Even scooby doo. They ripped themselves off.
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The Element of laughter
That’s a tough choise to make.
With Cybernetics you get a cool Raiden leg. And maybe be able to kick through shit and all that.
With Organics you probably will get your actual leg back but thousands times better.
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