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Professionally Depressed
Gobots was Pretty much Just a Cheap version of Machine robo,
And I don’t believe that He’s seen Mazinger, Gunbuster, And Diebuster (He said that at one point)

Professionally Depressed
I admit that Machine robo isn’t very good either,
Machine robo had the Man of Living awesome known as Rom Stoll though  
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Don'think ighly o'Sicily
To be honest, I never looked at the Only Talk In Pictures thread as being a serious discussion and more posting semi-related pictures.
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Corrupter of the pure
Side note:  
I know it doesn’t have anything to do with the current topic, but this is the general time wasting thread for generic conversations. If anyone here lives in russia or is planning on going to the olympics you may want to cancel going and steer fucking clear of the olympics.
The reason being is you know how there’s been suicide bombings in russia lately? The group responsible said they’re going to bomb the olympics. Hopefully they’ll get arrested or stopped before they detonate themselves, but since they’re suicide bombers and how hard it is to stop them before they blow themselves up especially if they’re incognito you may want to cancel.
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Shallow read: making judgements based on impressions without genuine contact with the actual material.  
We all do it and I’m not criticizing you for doing it but it should be mentioned.
Thread Starter - /nsfw-monster-musume-thread

Corrupter of the pure
Illegal immigrant group crossing the border into russia. You know all those attacks that always happens in central asia/middle east? Yeah, that shit’s spilling over the border.
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