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The west destroys cute AI Waifu

They took something cute and butchered her into Anita Sarkeesian.

When someone says they're going to "westernize" a Japanese product, it always spells disaster.

Remember Tay? A similar AI that had to be shut down because edgy idiots pumped her full of extreme-right and Nazi ideology. They thought it was a real laugh riot to have a fledgling artificial intelligence spout shit like Heil Hitler and KKK slogans.

Just saying there are idiots who are the reasons we can't have nice things.
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NISAmerica Localizers call the games they localize and the fans that buy them sexists

This. This is what we have to watch out for. They're the Nick Maragos' that don't like Japan, and want to ham-fist their morality into the games and not give what the product people want to buy.

It's like going to a Japanese restaurant to order sushi and a Ramen, only to get a hamburger and campbell's chicken soup because the ones working there "Localized" it for the west.
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Pretty munch. Every company is being infested with these self-rightious types and the only way they'll learn is not buy from them, and get it directly.

Especially since, the ones they are trying cater to as the moral arbiters have been less then those they decry.
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That's him, officer
If the news about KV attacking a female cosplayer wasn't crazy enough, the man himself finally spoke out against those rage-filled jerks.
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NIS America doubles down

This is the big problem. I knew they would. They should have a rep in these American companies that answers directly to the Japanese company and oversee the localization to make sure it's not tampered with- and get rid of anyone that act on their own behalf.
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