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If anything it peaked and now has cooled down considerably. The fan base that remains is of those who have played the game since it’s inception but the prices some cards demand (plus the meta starting to spin around archetypes while single cards get tossed down the card pool sans a couple exceptions) simply makes it an unsustainable hobby, driving people to opt for an online option and just play the game without having to first purchase the cards.
The tournaments while sometimes good, don’t have enough incentives to have people participate in them. Not entirely dying out, but definitely on stale line with no noteworthy peaks so far.
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I’ve been watching some of it, but the frequent ad breaks are so obnoxious (even if you don’t get ads you still get a waiting screen).
Plus the chat is so overly racist and hateful (which is a given, because it’s mostly made up of 4chan users that think they’re anonymous), spamming TriHard, cmonBruh and ANELE at every opportunity and KappaPride anytime they think something is “gay”. Those are four emotes that I think should be permanently removed, IMO, because they’re almost never used for anything but hateful comments. Some of the non-racist memes are pretty funny though, especially the “TIME TO MINE MORE MONEY FOR TWITCH” one that gets spammed every ad break.
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Reshef of Destruction and Eternal Duelist Soul are fun.
But Reshef is a grindfest. The system is nice but what a grindfest.
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re-reading the yugioh manga, been picking up the 3 in one. Currently in the Jounochi vs Rishid story. After the Battle City Arc I plan to read Yugioh R, then Millinium world and finally watch the darkside of dimensions, since it’s manga canon.
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I personally think that 5Ds was the best one. Since the characters were full grown adults, not children.
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They finally added the rest of the 4kids dub of Duel monsters to Netflix.
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