Unpopular opinion time (super alpha no pony edition)

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Undead inside
because men are evil rapist scum and women are only pure and innocent and should only be in relationships with other women and liking men is disgusting.

Or something.

I swear it's only radical feminists political lesbians that probably actually feel like this, and yet it bleeds through like some awful illness into others. It's like internalized heterophobia, and as stupid as that string of words sounds, it is unfortunately a thing I see.

No one should feel bad for being attracted to whatever sex(es) they are, regardless of what they happen to be themselves. It doesn't help out LGBT people to be contrarian and act like heterosexuality is disgusting or immoral, it's just swapping words around. Plus fuck all bi people, amirite?

It's just all so stupid.
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Get up and Jump
City hipster kids who Talk "folky" to seem down to earth yet look down in disgust at people from lower classes are cunts
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They were mostly upset about the wording of one particular person talking about it (who was also someone who already has a history of being a TERF). Not to mention post-op male-to-female transgenders would logically get periods since they've fully changed their biology.
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Get up and Jump
The American government needs to nuke the shit of its Entertainment industry with harsher antitrust laws
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@Broken Adam
The American government needs to nuke the shit of its Entertainment industry with harsher antitrust laws

Not exactly nuke it, but be at least a little less hands-off towards it, but yes to the antitrust laws.
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Twilight Stinkle
I don't hate condiments but I don't understand people who drench their food in them.

I've seen people splatter ketchup all over their pizza and hot sauce all over their chicken and the sight of it makes me want to gag
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