Unpopular opinion time (super alpha no pony edition)

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I know it’s just personal taste, and I am aware that depending on the translation you read you can get a very different take on the stories, but for myself, I think Chief Miles O’Brien was the central character in the Bible.
Second only to Mordecai, I think.
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Call me cynical, but all the flamewars that people will get into online when discussing problematic media or media made by crappy people feels very performative. Like people want to put on airs of caring about serious issues, but only to the end of harassing other people, and not to actually supporting good causes and helping them take off.
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Get up and Jump
Social media websites should be forced by the government to consult Mental Health Experts and be reviewed by them.
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Get up and Jump
What’s the alternative? A lot of Social media is run by Techbros who don’t understand psychology and Mental Health at all. Either we allow them to hurt millions of people mentally or we force them to listen to Mental Health experts.
At some point government regulation is needed, unless you are opposed to Antitrust laws
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One thing that bothers me about Shrek Forever After is that it’s understandble why Shrek is annoyed by everyone. Like how they destroy his outhouse or always invade his privacy.
Yes Shrek still went too far. But I wish they would at least acknowledge Shrek had legitimate reasons to feel angry.
There was no compromise of boundaries or anything.
Shrek should have come to an understanding with Fiona on how to deal with their new life.
I guess it just annoys me how Shrek’s feelings are not even taken into consideration.
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