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Unpopular opinion time (super alpha no pony edition)

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Their body temp is too low for the virus to function properly. While they can get it, it is exceedingly rare to get rabies from even an infected possum.
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I’m very paranoid about glass.
The body can’t digest glass. you’ll be lucky if it passes through your GI tract or gets expelled through coughing. Fiber glass usually ends up around the intestines when it enters the human body, via the lymphatic and circulatory system. Your ectoderm usually pushes glass out.
Lots of medicine is dispensed in glass, even in breakable glass ampoules. Also some alcohol is transported in glass.
Rabies is almost non existent in north America now. Safety precautions should still be held.
Don’t feed wild raccoons. The raccoon might become dependent on external food sources, and even become too friendly with other humans, who might try to execute them.
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Am I the only one who wanted Velma and Shaggy to be an actual couple but they ruined decided to go down a different direction for Velma and make her lesbian instead.
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