Unpopular opinion time (super alpha no pony edition)

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After seeing the recent announcements of Final Fantasy VII, I have to agree on Dunkey with his phrase “welcome to the new Kingdom Hearts”.
I also find ironic that a 1996 game with an anti-corporative story is going to get so many remakes and prequels and sequels for corporate and marketing purposes.
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Prince of Skrees
@Ring Team
It’s only going to have 2 sequels, and they’re just part 2 and 3 of the entire FF7 story, and Crisis Core is not a new prequel, it’s a remake of a PSP game
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As far as I know the mobile games aren’t necessary to understand what’s going on in FFVII either even in regards to new content.
The KH comparison is really dumb. You already have the main game right there. Every thing else are just there to add to the story but they aren’t required
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Toy Story 3 worked fine as a finale. There was very little reason for TS4 to be produced, other than the fact that Disney is a creatively bankrupt corporation who’s only making money because it owns a good chunk of our childhoods.
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