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Is it really gay?
i've been reviewing the "ufo" video i capture, i clearly got 2 white lights or metallic orbs. you can also hear the speculation of me and my co-workers, its to big to be a balloon, too slow to be a plane, and they were aligned with each other as if in some sort of "formation".
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Okay, I guess.
I lived until the age of three in a haunted house, or as we call them here, a "Casa Cargada" (A charged house, as in charged with negative energies) because the previous tenant killed himself by hanging himself in his room and my parents didn't know until they already rented it and moved in. The house itself was a 2 stories house with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, a spacious backyard and a big front garden. Because of it's bad reputation (who the hell wants to live in a house where a guy killed himself?) it's owner was renting it very cheap, and my parents, who had no idea about the house's reputation, took the bait with hook, line and sinker.

According to my parents, strange things began happening like them feeling a constant sense of dread, or them noticing how the furniture moved by itself at night (as they told me, the chairs, sofa and dinning table always were a bit off center tne next morning) or by the (very) faint sighs and sobs coming out from the dead guy's room, which was always locked and all of his belongings still there.

When the neighbors finally told my mom what happened there, she tried her best to endure without saying anything to my dad to not worry him (he had already enough troubles of his own at his job and family) until 3 years later she broke and told him everything, then begged him to just take her and me and GTFO from that house because she couldn't take it anymore. (It doesn't help that my mother is absurdly sensitive to energies, at the point she always could know if a house was inhabited by a happy family or not after just walking in and "feeling" the place.)
My dad laughed and then had to explain to my angry mother thah he knew all along but tried to endure to not worry HER, and if he had known she also knew, he would have taken us out of there years ago. Days later, we were already installed in a different place, or so they say because I don't remember anything about my first home.

The house is still there, and no tennants want to live there for too long. Which is a pity, because it's still a very nice, well kept house.

Well, that's a way to break the ice.
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