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I don’t think I mentally grew up beyond the age of sixteen or fourteen.
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Got an email from Comcast informing me that I’ve used up 75% of my monthly data.
I thought they were waiving data caps for the duration of the pandemic. I guess not. Bastards!

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God, many of the characters in my own dreams are stupid.
I warn this guy to not open a door because obviously nothing good will come of it but he totally ignores me and gets his head blown off after opening it.
Anyone else have those dreams where everyone in it makes stupid decisions?
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Boy, the TF2 community is overdosing on stupid pills. First they tried starting a boycott against Valve to make them work on the game again, and now we have YouTubers like WAMO fearmongering people by saying the bots infesting casual mode will never go away.
What these numbskulls don’t realize is that Gabe Newell himself recently said in an interview that Valve has plans for a new TF2 update and that they’ve taken notice of the Casual Mode Bot Crisis and are working to remedy that issue.
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I hate how my computer loses its charge so quickly. Even when I first got it, the battery life is pretty abysmal, draining about 3/4ths of it in about 4 hours or so. It’s supposed to be a work computer, aren’t you supposed to have long lasting batteries for you know, work and typing and all that crap?
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