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Vent thread

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Yeah, collapsing a lung feels like getting hit by a truck, and the heart will go crazy over the drop in blood oxygen, it requires immediate medical attention if you can maintain consciousness long enough to call an ambulance.

I think a lot of people would black out, but fortunately laying on the floor doesn't require much oxygen, and the muscles will start respirating faster, and they'll wake back up.
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Peace to all
@Penguin Dragneel
Out of embarrassment for cringe or something else? I know I here that with artist all the time when they look back at their old stuff but I don't know the complete context. Naturally, don't link the video if it embarrasses you but I am just curious as to why .
Penguin Dragneel
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Embarrassment. It was made three years ago. Therefore my voice would crack, I would make cringeworthy jokes, I would stutter a lot, and I was recording on a s###ty tablet that always wanted to mess up on me.
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