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I feel that the only way to get people’s attention and talk to me is be the biggest, whiniest and annoying little bitch.
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I hate it when employers refuse to fire an incompetent worker because “they didn’t violate company policy.” When did work become more about following rules than whether or not you’re doing at least a decent job?!

Two of my dogs were bickering like little shits and knocked me over while I was getting their food bowl.
It broke.
Thankfully we have more than enough bowls needed to feed them but for fucks sakes fellas, don’t fight around the hand that feeds ya.
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The problem with living with a Christian family is that you’re not allowed to watch certain shows. In this case, I couldn’t watch Rick and Morty.
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Sweet F.A.
I got an email back from my mentor at the radio station I worked for my internship, where I’d been planning on applying for a full-time job, and I discovered that he’s going to be leaving the company at the end of this week, meaning that I’ll be much less likely to get a position there with my one contact leaving.
Other than that, I’m doing alright, I suppose.
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Man, Wikipedia seems to be dying, it’s like they’re desperately asking you for donations. It saddens me.
To all our readers,
Please don’t scroll past this. We apologize for interrupting your reading this Wednesday, and we’ll get straight to the point: We ask you to help us sustain Wikipedia’s independence. 98% of our readers don’t give; they simply keep reading. If you are one of our rare donors, we warmly thank you.
If everyone reading this donated 40 MXN, we could keep Wikipedia thriving for years. We’re sure you are busy and we won’t interrupt for long.
Wikipedia is sustained by the donations of only 2% of our readers. Without reader contributions, big or small, we couldn’t run Wikipedia the way we do.
That’s why we still need your help. We are passionate about our nonprofit model because at its core, Wikipedia belongs to you.
If Wikipedia provided you 40 MXN worth of knowledge this year, please take a minute to secure its future by making a donation. Thank you
Please… We ask you, humbly: Please don’t scroll away… You’re our only hope
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Sweet F.A.
@Background Pony #C257
Wikipedia is a nonprofit. They pretty much rely on donations, so they always have to do this. Of course, year after year people have donated to them. Sometimes I help out with the propaganda (see: Wikipe-tan in SPNatI).
I’ll give that a try. The station hasn’t announced whether they’ll be looking for new workers yet, but from your experience, is it too early to start asking if there are new positions available and/or sending my resume?
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