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Pomegranates :P
I find it really ironic whenever Twitter fucks complain about characters being “too white” or losing their shit over cartoon characters coming out as straight loving couples much like the very “bigots” who lose their shit whenever they see a blackened and/or gay characters on media they claim to fight against.
These people are too obsessed with race and sexual orientation.
You know what the term “racist” traditionally means? People who are overly obsessed with race of another.
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I built a small form factor gaming PC out of some parts I had lying around…for the purposes of using it as a secondary/portable rig. I’m happy with the performance for the most part, but I think I should’ve got something stronger than an i5-6400 and a single 16 gig stick of RAM.
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I regret nothing
Honest question
Why should I pay more for basic amenities just because some former Soviet satellite state that nobody cared to know about at any time before now is getting stomped on?
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