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Smiling Panzerfuchs 2.0
(grin) Always these coincidences. I just came from work with Tekkno as a CD in my backpack (yes, I still buy CDs, I’m so old) and then read this.
(definitely the song with the funniest lyrics on the album - I have a great time listening to it) ;-)
So first of all, it’s a great album. And just to set the record straight: I had the pleasure of meeting and boozing with both Kevin Ratajczak and Nico Sallach (the two singers from Electric Callboy). But, that was before 2020 and those who know a bit about the band’s history will know that Nico was not with Electric Callboy at that time, but the lead singer of To the Rats and Wolves.
The Fun Fact here is that A.) I didn’t even know who they were back then, and B.) I had meet them separately from each other. Kevin was around with another band member at the time, who to this day I don’t know exactly who it was (thanks to a heavy hangover the next day)
By the way, both meetings were made possible by a good female friend of mine who is both a photographer and a model, and who hangs out with bands like that all the time. Not only did we often go to some festivals back then, but she also constantly knew where the guys hung out after their gigs. That, and that I literally live next door to the guys’ hometowns. All hail the Ruhr area ;-)
I hope to go on the road with her again next year, but that depends on whether or not her husband has become less jealous in the meantime. ;-D
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The Hampsterdance Song by Hampton The Hamster
This song is awesome! don’t care what anyone says
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